Thanksgiving Detox Fitness Retreat

When: 16 Nov 2014 - 30 Nov 2014 (Sun - Sun, 14 nights)
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Detox Fitness Camp

Detox Oasis Detox Fitness Camp is located in southern Indiana, Midwest USA just 9 miles from French Lick, Indiana. The healing properties of the mineral springs in southern Indiana and French Lick Springs Resort and Spa in French Lick, Indiana USA are well known.

75 miles from Louisville, KY, USA (SDF airport)
100 miles from Indianapolis, IN, USA (IND airport)
60 miles from Bloomington, IN USA (Indiana University)

Privacy and and anonymity guaranteed. We work with both celebrity and non-celebrity clients in a casual, rural environment. Family owned and operated.

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Detox Dave Marshall

Dave began intensive physical training at the age of 18 and began professional personal training several years later to supplement his income first as a deep-sea diver and underwater welder, then as a commercial pilot.

In 1990, Dave founded and built one of the largest cable & telecommunications marketing companies in Australia and the U.S. But this financial success came at a physical cost, causing him to increase his weight from 160 lbs. to 240 lbs., largely the result of the excesses of corporate entertaining.

Dave Marshall decided to reset his lifestyle at age 40 in 2000 to regain a balance in his life. He sold his telecom firm and began traveling the world seeking health, fitness and martial arts training at various retreats and camps.

In addition to regaining his peak physique, Dave recognized that raw and detox retreats he discovered overseas could be adapted for a western clientele to include fitness regimens and 'going forward' programming. He developed the Detox Oasis signature retreats, with guidance from Dr. Matthew Andry, to blend these various training and weight loss methods into single- and multi-week programs.

Dave Marshall is the author of Marshall Law: Raw Foods to Red Meats. A fantastically simple cookbook that will help you build and maintain a lean and sexy body. Raw, vegan, and organic meats for the bodybuilder --it's all here! Chock-full of recipes from detox to meal packing muscle foods for that long, lean and fit look. This is not a how-to book on getting lean. It's for the person who already understands what to eat and when to eat. Particularly designed for fitness experts and clients of mine that have already attended one of my fit foods retreats and are currently on the path to becoming lean, fit and sexy! See more photos and other events by this presenter