Thanksgiving Retreat, Gratitude Through Mindfulness

When: 27 Nov 2015 - 29 Nov 2015 (Fri - Sun, 2 nights)
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Sedona Mago Retreat

Experience the beauty, feel the energy, and awaken your spirit

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and re-connect with what’s important, what better environment than one of the most beautiful deserts on the planet?

Sedona Mago Retreat is located on a stunning, 163-acre stretch of land in the high Arizonan desert, 4,500-feet above sea level.

From the hot days of summer to the cooling breezes of spring and autumn, to the snowcapped red rocks in the winter, it’s ideal for exploring nature, gazing at the stars, and re-connecting with everything that’s important in your life.

120 casitas mean the retreat is large enough for small groups to visit year round; but it is also small enough for the privacy and meditation you need for holistic healing.

Everything here is geared towards healing the body, calming the mind, and awakening the spirit.

The inspiration of Sun Tao

Our retreat is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, inspired by the mission of the Tao Fellowship, which is “Love Humanity, Love the Earth.”

Tao Fellowship was established in 1998 by Ilchi Lee, to promote the spirit of Tao as universal principles of harmonious living and a peaceful world.

Specifically, it is the Sun Tao (仙道) Korean Taoist tradition, with its 10,000-year history, that we follow. Sun (仙) is the combination of human (人) and mountain (山), meaning a human being living in harmony with nature.

The principles and practices of Sun Tao are available for all retreat guests to learn as part of their stay with us; we seek interfaith friendship, and believe that peace and harmony can be realized through our connection with the Earth – without which, humanity cannot survive.

Indeed, “Mago” is the ancient Korean name for “Mother Earth.”

Our common goal is the sustainability of Earth and all of its inhabitants, now and for future generations.

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Sedona Mago Retreat is planning their first Thanksgiving Retreat, Gratitude through Mindfulness. It will take place Friday, November 28 – Sunday, November 30th