The 7 Chakras Experience

When: 10 Sep 2015 - 17 Sep 2015 (Thu - Thu, 7 nights)
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Alessandra Frigerio

Her calling is to become a bridge of clarity where women and men can envision their first steps towards their own evolution, which in is as simple as:
“The freedom of just being yourself”. This is something that she embodys and enthusiastically supports trough different ancient healing practices like TaoTantra, Shamanism and Yoga. Her passion for music and arts had taken her trough powerful paths of deep conection with all living beings, this is one of her most apreciated offerings so get ready for drumming and singing loud from the heart with her.
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Harry Metatron

He started practicing Yoga in April 2002 at “Tantra” Yoga School (now named “Trika”), in Rishikesh of India with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. He was immediately impressed and attracted spiritually by the direct and clear message of this Guru. He studied for 3 months, went back to Greece and then in 2005 he attended the Teachers Training Course of the same Yoga Master in Thailand with the school named today as AGAMA yoga.
Ever since he taught in the AGAMA central school at Koh Phangan
(2005-6-7-11-12) where he did several workshops (Kashmir Shivaism, Tantra1&2, Metaphysical, Angels, Vira, Shamanic Therapeutical Throat Singing). Up to these days he is been teaching at his home town in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Elodie Geles

She has been in the sports fields for many years. Starting from Gymnastics at the age of 4, Dance,Basketball.. to Snowboarding & Rock Climbing.She wished to slow down 10 years ago discovering Qi Gong. Inspired
& totally embraced by the practice of yoga 5 years ago, after a stay in an Indian Ashram inRishikesh. It has been the wakeup call from her Soul.The flexibility within the frame… The Art of Expanding the heart & being grounded..It’s all about balance, on & off the mat. She did everything to keep this amazing philosophy studying at home, with internet, books.. until she felt ready for a deeper understanding.. & the journey was just starting!She packed up her bags, taking a leap of Faith in South East Asia. From a dedicated self-practice to teaching in different areas in the World, she learnt how to adjust withdifferent cultures quickly, allowing different people to access the beautiful experience of being in touch with the body & breath. Creating space for growth, independence & freedom for each student, she likes to practice with depth,lightness & a bright smile.Carpe Diem is probably the sentence that changed her life.. & still does.. as it reminds her to remain inthe present moment.. as much as Yoga takes.. where life is.. Now!

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