Tunjung Crystal's The Art of Letting Go 3 Days Retreat

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Bumi Ubud Resort

Welcome to Bali, the tropical paradise

The last of this millennium with thousands temples, shined by the morning sun of the world. Breeze the rice terrace among the palm trees greeting.

Bumi Ubud Resort situated in a traditional village of Lodtunduh, is specially designed as Bali elegant village to retain exclusive ambiance of private retreat, away from home.

In the midst of the coconut trees, helliconia, hibiscus, and bougainvillea, our pool is laid facing adjacent to our Western touch restaurant serving Ubud Lodtunduh dishes and not to mention innovated International cuisine. See more events in this venue
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Tunjung Crystal Mandala

Tunjung Crystal Mandala is a native Balinese who was gifted as a child with psychic and healing abilities. Throughout the years, she obtained certification in yoga and spiritual healing modalities but what makes her unique is her powerful connection to the Divine. Her ancient wisdom is innate and is a gift she has been guided to share. She is skilled in pranic healing, cranio sacral therapy, chakra balancing medical intuition, psychic surgery, as well as tarot, crystal ball and psychic readings. Through her Yoga, meditation and Healing, She wants to help people to liberate their body, mind and soul, to have peaceful and happier life. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Ani Himawati

Ani is an Indonesian woman, an Anthropologist who has experience doing qualitative research and community empowerment project around the country and abroad. With her strong art discipline and community life experience, she is good at facilitating different types of workshops with various groups: communities, women, youth, indigenous, international groups and events in mostly social cultural areas.

Professionally, she works as a consultant for social development project, working with local groups, national NGOs, government, as well as for international aid agencies. Since moving to Bali, two years now she and her friends, including Tunjung Crystal Mandala and Kusumorini Susanto, created a group called Mukabumi, an open creative space for learning – sharing - experimenting regenerative initiatives and technologies. Also since 2015 she has been an active Jedi of Ecobrick movement, spreading the principles-knowledge-method within the country.

She has been into spirituality since at very young age. The call has led her to travel the world, but now she is very happy to be part of Tunjung’s works. She loves learning, and being in self & group process, to grow and live the life consciously, and meaningfully. See more photos and other events by this presenter

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