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Mehtap Pansiyon

Pure tranquility, breathtaking views and wonderful nature surrounding greet the guests in the traditional peace oasis Hotel Mehtap pansyion in Simena / Kaleköy. In the morning wake up with a fresh thyme and sage scent while you get kissed by warm sun beams. And if you like you can drink the drinkingwater right from the faucet in your room. The water comes directly from the ground source behind the Hotel. Its taste is wonderful clear and clean. Fantastic!  

The Hotels own little bay invites for a nice swim and snorkel in christal clear water. And free deckchairs are available for guests at all times for a peaceful rest. Here you live in direct contact with nature and relaxation in its purest form.

As modest accommodation offers Hotel Mehtap Pansiyon a family feeling with the comfort of home. It provides much space for rest, individuality and personal wellbeing. Guests speek from hidden paradise and from little juvel.


The Hotel Mehtap pansyion has a total of 9 double bed rooms. All rooms are simple, clean and traditional furnished. Feature a modern en suite bathroom, air conditionin and WiFi. Wide verandas in front of the rooms with their padded benches invite to relax and enjoy the stunning view of sea and bays of Kekova. Many guests have fallen asleep while they were whatching the beauty of the view and the bright sky at night that is complet free of foreign lights.

The Hotel Mehtap pansyion provides the natural flavours from the own organic garden; such as orange, peach, lemon, pomegranate, apricot, pepino, avocado, cactus fruit, onion, potato, tomato and pepper as well as various herbs which are all growed in an organic way without using any chemical dung and additives.

Further on the menue are various fresh fish and seafood, red and white meat, as well as various side dishesfresh vegetables and salad. 


The about 110 km from Antalya, 35 km from Kaş, 1 km from Üçağız and 100 km from Dalaman remote Kekova-Kaleköy / Simena is a pretty little village that is the tourist with its pristine natural beauty and woven into its structure historical traces. The only access that is permitting of related places, is on the sea, which is undoubtedly the most important cause of untouched nature. Previously promoted fisheries and natural agriculture, 54 houses and 250 inhabitants of Kaleköy what has been replaced 20 years ago by tourism. 

In Kaleköy (Simena) 
You should have to go around close places; for example there are a lot of big and little bays. If you climb to the castle, you can see the most beautiful view of Kekova Island from there. Kaleköy is not a stop and go place, it has the nature and history inside. The houses; which are inside the city walls are made from the hoop stones in Kaleköy (antique name is Simena) fits very well to fine environment. There are no perverse constructions in Kaleköy. When you draw near to Kaleköy by seaway or when you look to the sea from the top of the hill, you'll see the most interesting structure which is a Lycian type tomb in the sea. There are a lot of tombs around the city that weights thousands of tons, especially you can see one on the left slope (according to Kekova) of the castle on the hill. In the castle on the top of the Simena, which is left from ancient Rome has a seven rowed small theatre is made from the rocks and worth to see. You can also see some of the Lycian structure and graves near Kaleköy.

It's described as a Rome city but the existance of Lycian type tombs tells that this city exists before Rome. A small theatre, a Turkish bath, a hero and monument graves in Acropole can also be seen.

Myra (Kale-Demre) 
It's one of the most important 5 cities in ancient Lycia which was established B.C. fifth century. Stone graves, theatre and St. Nicholas church are same of the structures which exist today also. In the year of A.c 245 St. Nicholas was born near Fethiye (Santa Claus, Heilige, Nikolaus) has been also lived in Myra to his death in A.C. 326.

This antique city which is established in a deep and narrow bay is surrounded by city walls. One part of the city is being covered with water because of the slidings made by an earthquake. You can see the harbour remnants, king graves and anforas which are spread to a wide area by diving the water with sea glasses.

Kekova Island; Sunken City and Shipyard Bay 
Kekova Island which gives the name to the area extends along Kaleköy. The sunkencity (with the Turkish name Batıkşehir) in Kaleköy side of the island is worth to see. The old street and building remnants can be seen obviously under the water. It is supposed that the ancient city has been sunked to the water because of the big erthquake in second century (B.C.). If you go with your own vessel, like Aperlae and Simena you can dive with sea glasses and you can see the sunken city clearly. You will be so attracted. In the west side of the island there is shipyard bay. At the sea side near the bazilica remnants, the boats give a rest to let the guests swim. However the shore is a little stony, its not a problem for swimming. Along trough the boat tour there is also a place called "blue cave". The cave is big enough for getting in with the boat. As in other caves there are a lot of colors which is being made by the sun beams.

In the east side of the Üçagiz there are remnants of antique city of Theimiussa. Inside the remnant there are an epitaph written in the language of Lycia and a human and animal figured ancient Rome tombs. This village offers also stores and restaurants as well as diving and canoeing. It is 10 Min. away by boat from Kaleköy / Simena.


Mugla-Dalaman Airport:  From Dalaman Airport to Ücagiz / Kekova its average       100 km . Here we pick up our guests with the free shuttle boat for a 10 Minute ride to Kaleköy / Simena.

Antalya Airport:  From Antalya Airport to Ücagiz/ Kekova its average 120 km. Here we pick up our geusts with the free shuttle boat for a 10 Min. ride to Kaleköy / Simena.

Upon request we arrange transfers from and to the Airport Destination. For rates please check with our homepage. Also there is at any time the possibility to ask for the Hotels Shuttle boat that brings you to nearby Ücagiz. 

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Healthy Holistic Healing Program with Timeout Travel GmbH

All therapists / practitioners of Timeout Travel GmbH are trained by Swiss standards and have at least one Degree in one or more therapy fields. Also they are recognized by Swiss health insurance companies and have many years of practical experience and are wholeheartedly at work. Our longstanding practical experience has shown us what is really effective and important for our complex time age. With our 100% natural treatment concept that is based on 30 years of research and of professionel expertise in Naturopathy, manual treatments, Information- and Energy- Medicine, we also have accompanied many people with serious illnesses in Switzerland. Most of our therapists work in their own practices and often hand in hand with Physicians and Clinics in Switzerland. Further all therapists speak English and German, partly also French and Italien.

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All rooms have en suite bath and air condition, are spacious and have Wifi access. In front of the rooms is a nice porch. And you would not be the first who is spending a night on the porch to see the stunning beauty of the surrounding also at night. The cure- program includes half board and the day trips as well as the meals on the day trips are included in the package price.
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