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We DU Yoga

We are a group of joyful, open hearted and energetic yoga teachers who decided to bring the experiences from their travels and times spent with world known yoga teachers back home. We hope to pass the feelings of balance and joy onto as many people as possible. And of course have a lot of fun doing it :) We offer private/group classes, workshops and retreats in Dubrovnik & area. All levels of practitioners are welcome. We offer classes in a variety of yoga styles as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Hatha….

Rhubin pours her artistic energy onto the mat and into sequences that help her center and draw from an inner well of inspiration that lead to creations in the field of illustration, photography, fashion and other arts. In her classes she works towards achieving the same effect within the group, helping people tap into their creative powers.
Her path as a teacher started with a trip to India where she spent time deepening her asana, pranayama and meditation practice and studying yoga philosophy. She completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in 2010.
After a few years of teaching at a studio in Dubrovnik she encountered the ashtanga vinyasa system, and immediately felt an intense pull to the practice. It didn’t take long for her to pack up, fly to India and surrender herself to the guidance of Rolf and Marci Naujokat. In 2013 she completed the advanced teacher training at Kranti Yoga in Goa and is now a 500 RYT Yoga Alliance accredited teacher. She continues to further her practice with KPJAYI authorized teachers Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gold.

Dalia is an open minded, warm hearted Yogi who looks at the student and tailors the teaching to his possibilities and needs, finding ways to integrate yoga into their everyday life, and helping them keep the passion and joy of practice, appreciating whenever one finds the time and peace to spend on the mat.
Her own experience with having to adjust and modify her practice due to an arm injury from childhood, has led to applying the values of tolerance, acceptance and perseverance to her teachings.
She strongly believes that the obstacles one encounters in life and on the mat are true opportunities to learn and develop a deeper understanding of the worlds that lie within us. Dalia started her yoga path during her life in India, where she also completed her teacher trainings, the first in 2010 at the Shivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala, and the Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa training in Goa, 2013. She keeps furthering her experiences in classes and workshops in Asia and Europe with international teachers as Rolf and Marci Naojukat, Kirsten Berg and Mitchel Gold.

With a background in psychology Hanna works on establishing a peaceful body – mind communication with oneself during yoga practice based on values as self-acceptance, trust and thankfulness.The focus on personal development through yoga has actually rooted in her own struggle during a difficult time in life, when yoga helped her rediscover the perpetual lightness of being we all carry within. She teaches regular classes at the CITYOGA Darmstadt and PURE YOGA Darmstadt, where she combines ashtanga vinyasa yoga with mindfulness techniques and approaches to allow each individual harness the most out of the practice.
Hanna completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training at the Private Yoga Institute Frankfurt. To broaden her growth she attends yoga workshops all over the world, Vipassana meditation courses and practices with teachers who have spent their lives learning at the source with Shri K. Patthabi Jois like Rolf & Marci Naujokat, Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold and Lucida Andrade. She has also spent time assisting classes and retreats lead by Rachel Grey and Gibran Gonzales. See more photos and other events by this presenter