Yoga do Brasil – Rio de Janeiro

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Les Jardin de Rio

With a unique organic architecture built on the 70's, our house offers
the perfect setting for your healthy holidays in Rio. With only 8 suites, each with its private bathroom. We have an outdoor pool and spa area with steam room.

Nestled inside the Tijuca Forest, the house is ideally located: peacefully situated on a hill, clients won’t be far from the beaches or the city center in order to make it easy to explore the city. See more events in this venue
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Co founder, Olivier

We can sum up in two words what Olivier loves to do: enjoy life. That’s what he decided to do after leaving his job in finance in France and move to Rio. Olivier will make sure you feel at home as he believes that attention to details is key to making your holidays unforgettable. He will pay attention to your needs and make sure food and the house live up to your expectations. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Yogui Gustavo

Born and raised in Rio, Gustavo practices yoga for more than 15 years. In 2014, he quitted his job as a lawyer in order to travel around the world and explore the various linages of Yoga, practicing with great instructors in India and Nepal. His mission is to share his knowledge so that you may enhance your practice and earn new benefits. Of course, he will be delighted to show you around as all cariocas like to do. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Yoga instructor, Patrick Gomlevsky

Patrick Gomlevsky is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In the Late 90's started His journey into siddha Yoga Meditation, which transformed his life.

Patick is Certified by Yogashala and Yogabindu having over 1000hours of trainning, studying with great teachers such as Pedro Kupfer, Camila Reitz, Malcom Clark (Australia).

He is also Certified By Greenpath Yoga in SF studying with Clayton Horton,Geensufi,David Lurey, Jasmine Tarkesh, Dr Sharma, and other expirienced teachers.

Patrick is the founder of Transcend, Kirtan group that performs in Brazil. Bringing the Beauty of the Ancient Yoga music to people. Over the last 12 years teaching retreats and workshops in Brazil.

His classes are foucused in Developing inner strenght, through Asana and Pranayama. Compassion, and peacefullness using a Dynamic Vinyasa Flow system, cordinating breath and movement to steady the mind and increase awarness. His focus are Ahimsa (non Violence), Satya (thruthfulness) and Santosha (contentment) as tools to help the students expirience their inner reality and the path to Liberation. See more photos and other events by this presenter

Co founder, Xavier

Born in the city of Tours, Xavier spent most of his life living in big cities such as Montreal, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris. In January 2015, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to Rio de Janeiro where he fell in love with the heathy and active carioca lifestyle. At Yoga do Brasil, he’s in charge of all activities and is ready to help you enjoy the city at its best. See more photos and other events by this presenter