Yoga Retreat in Adriatic Coast, Italy

When: 17 Jul 2015 - 25 Jul 2015 (Fri - Sat, 8 nights)
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Emily Alp


Yoga is not the cure-all for life. Even if you master advanced postures and go through many meditation experiences, you still need to work on relating to yourself and, in turn, how you relate with others. What differentiates yoga practices is the potential they offer to see more clearly how--and more precisely when--to take life-affirming actions due to the reflective effect of regular time spent on various time-tested techniques. These techniques were developed thousands of years ago by people who were not so distracted from their own lives by survival needs and developed the capacity to proactively affect their human experiences.

A pitfall of modern yoga schools is the emphasis on asana. Stiffness in the body is a very real, physical condition. Yet it is intimately related to rigidity in mental constructs as well. The opposite is true, too! Too much flexibility in the body is intimately related to a loss of one's own boundaries and sense of identity as it functionally relates to others in society, across a variety of different roles and interrelationships. Both ends of the spectrum deserve due attention. Practices on all levels, affecting more than the physical but also the mental, emotional and subtle-energy bodies, start to provide a framework and increasing sense of empowerment to the individual who approaches them with an open, sincere and discriminating heart and mind. Even so ...

We benefit from practice ... but can't always stay motivated about it. I've been there and learned how to stay in touch with the relationship I have with these techniques, to keep things fresh and alive. I'd like to be a part of helping others to do this, too! See what I offer through my blog below, and in the meantime, feel free to take a peek at my continuing education timeline:

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