Yoga Retreat in Adriatic Coast, Italy

When: 17 Jul 2015 - 25 Jul 2015 (Fri - Sat, 8 nights)
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Emily Alp

Emily Alp has been practicing Yoga since 1998. Through experience with many styles in California, Wisconsin and New York City, she found that the Ashtanga Vinyasa method was the most suited to her. She attained teaching certification in 2009, in Kerala, India, with Caroline Klebl of Source of Yoga—at the same time studying Ayurveda under a doctor there. She went on to get certified under Paul Dallaghan through his intensive programs at Samahita Center in Koh Samui Thailand. Paul’s teachings resonated strongly with her, as his deep passion, dedication and integrity is apparent to anyone working with him. Further, he emphasizes breath work—Pranayama—and teaches advanced modules on how to hone these practices correctly and carefully to experience their beneficial and transformative effects.

Emily has experienced and is eager to share the idea that all of these techniques form the spokes of a wheel, rounding out and grounding the family of Yoga practices into a context that the person begins to intuit and integrate. In addition to two workshops with John Scott, Emily has participated in several Jivamukti workshops with Yogeswari, a weeklong workshop with Richard Freeman and an Ayurveda and anatomy workshop with Jessica Blanchard, a certified Ayurvedic practitioner based in New Orleans. She also trained with Dave and Cheryl Oliver— practitioners based on Arizona, who through their expertise have emphasized supportive adjustments, history, philosophy and Sanskrit.

The physical practice—Asana—is an overt expression of Yoga. But Emily has found that the more subtle-­‐level practices, namely Pranayama and sitting regularly, have been the most powerful of all. These practices have helped her calm her nervous system and seemingly ‘slow down time’ or ‘create space’ within moments so that she can more deliberately participate in life instead of react to things happening around.

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