Yoga Teacher Training

When: 2 May 2016 - 23 May 2016 (Mon - Mon, 21 nights)
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Jane Bauer

Jane Bauer is a mother,
restaurant owner, magazine
editor and yogi. She has
been living on the coast of
Oaxaca, Mexico for the past
18 years. Her yoga practice
began with headstands and
shoulderstands in the living
room with her father when
she was a girl. An interest in
the body led her to teach aerobics while studying
Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies at McGill
University. Finally admitting she lacked the rhythm
to ever actually enjoy teaching aerobics Jane
rediscovered yoga.

“Yoga has been a integral part of my life for the past
20 years. My personal practice has helped me
through many life changes and always brings me
back to the essence of what matters. As a teacher I
like to have fun, I like my students to have fun. Some
people find yoga can be very serious and heavy. I
am interested in the lightness and joy and I think
that comes through.”

“Fantastic yoga in Huatulco!! I’ve been attending
Jane’s classes for about four years, and she never
disappoints. The classes will challenge your
strength, balance and flexibility. Jane has a talent
for making the classes accessible to people of all
experience levels. The atmosphere is calm and
inviting. The classes are challenging enough for
people who practice yoga regularly, but terrific...”
Leigh from Chicago

“Jane is fun, extremely knowledgeable and always
willing to help. Her classes are challenging but she
doesn't push you beyond your limits. I'd recommend
her to anyone who is interested in a great workout.”
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