Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of listing an event or a venue?

Listing your event or venue is completely free! We will only charge 3% commission for any booking that will be done on RetreatNetwork.

How is booking done, and when does the listing owner get paid?

Booking can be done directly on our site. When you add your programs, you can set the deposit amount. This amount will be paid directly to you in full (minus our 3% commission) when a booking is made.

Can the listing owner communicate directly with the user?

When somebody books, you will get a notification about the booking with the contact info of the user. You can then contact them directly to further discuss anything that needs clarification. If all is well, you then confirm the booking from your Retreat Network Dashboard. If, for whatever reason, you decide that this is not a good match, you can reject the booking and we’ll refund the payment.

When somebody sends an inquiry, you will get an email notification and will be able to use the messaging system in your dashboard to communicate with the potential guest.

How do I edit my listings and manage my bookings?

Yes, you can edit your listings and manage your bookings from your Dashboard. To get your Dashboard hover with your mouse over the “Me” menu at the top right corner, and then click on “My Dashboard” (you must be logged in).