Getting Started with Tantra

One aspect of the sacred path of tantra is that of sacred sexuality and conscious lovemaking. Let’s explore some tantric techniques for you and your beloved to bring into the bedroom, where you’ll begin to foster a sexual experience aligned with the loving, erotic energy unique to the two of you.

Preparing a sensual space

Tantric LovemakingBegin by preparing a sacred space for your lovemaking. You may wish to light candles, as candles shift the energy of a room. Place beautiful pillows around your bedroom, use aromatherapy or play sensual music that relaxes and ignites the passion between the two of you. You want your lovemaking space to awaken your senses and sexuality.

Explore Intention, Compassion, Curiosity & Playfulness

As you enter your sanctuary, set an intention. Perhaps sit together in seated meditation, say a special prayer together, or simply bow to each other in reverence and gratitude for the love you share and the divine god and goddess within each one of you.

Cultivate Compassion and Curiosity. Having compassion for yourself and for your partner opens the doors to vulnerability and acceptance. We can surrender to all that is when we open to radical compassion during our sexual act. We learn that
the journey is just as important as the destination. We’re not striving to reach orgasm, (although it may be a natural and lovely side effect) – we’re really just opening to present moment awareness – tears, fears, insecurities, laughter and all.

Connect to your lover’s heart. To open your lover’s genitals (especially a woman’s) you must first open his/her heart. Share a few things that you love and appreciate about each other. Lovingly caress your woman’s breasts, as certain tantric teachings say the breasts are the root of a woman’s orgasm. As we open our heart centers, sex becomes more than sex. It becomes a sacred act – and even a tool for healing and transformation.

Connect to the Breath. When we pay attention to our breath, we becomes more mindful and connected to the present moment. This mindfulness fosters greater opening in our minds, our hearts and physical bodies. When we are attuned to the breath, and the breath of our lover’s we become deeply sensitive to our sensations. We feel more deeply. Sex becomes expansive and sacred.

Learn & Grow

If you’re interested in learning more about tantra, you may wish to journey to the Big Island of Hawaii for a weekend workshop with tantric teacher Evalena Rose.

If a longer retreat experience appeals to you and yours, check out this three week tantra retreat on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

If neither of these workshops fit into your schedule, you may wish to contact tantric expert Gaia Ma, who leads tantric retreats and workshops for couples throughout the year, or world renowned Sexual Wellness Coach Gaia Shawna Morrissette

May your journey into tantra create greater depth and spirituality to the act of lovemaking. Namaste.

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