Intentional Community Is Looking For Volunteers In West Virginia

Interested in a community with a vision?

If you’d like to live in a spectacular mountain setting with natural foods and housing provided, as part of an open-hearted and open-minded intentional community, read on!

Abrams CreekThe Center for a New Culture ( is looking for independent-minded and energetic volunteers with a strong desire to learn, grow, and contribute to cutting-edge social change, personal growth, and community-building projects. Our main residential project, Allegheny Crest Intentional Village (ACIV)) is a unique approach to combining sustainability, personal growth, rural revitalization, and social change. Located less than three hours from Washington DC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, it combines the best of rural living with reasonable access to major metropolitan areas.

The length of stay for a volunteer is entirely flexible. They can join us for as little as a week, or can stay with us indefinitely, or anything in between. This is an all-volunteer organization, and each individual assumes the level of responsibility that they choose and are capable of. Volunteers are “at choice” to determine their own experiences, with projects ranging from permaculture development, alternative energy projects, forestry, construction, outreach, recruitment, social media strategy, website management, event creation and planning, and production of educational materials and programs. This can involve working closely with and under the guidance of experienced organizers, or taking on projects as the project leader, or branching out into areas that require new skills from all of us. They must be capable of functioning autonomously, but also as part of a supportive skill-sharing community.

The experience provides a unique understanding of New Culture, offers a chance to connect with personal growth and social change activists, and learn group management skills.

We have immediate openings that provide room and board, as well as assistance in creating independent income opportunities. The work is quite varied, and includes every aspect of managing, maintaining, and improving our existing businesses, properties, events, activism, and educational programs. Among other dimensions, we are social entrepreneurs, transforming conventional business models into responsible and creative tools for social change. There are also opportunities to develop your own businesses as well in a cooperative and resource-rich environment. Please contact Michael Rios at or 703-755-0607 to see if this would be a good fit for you.

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