Introducing 7Qi – Connecting Western and Eastern Wisdom

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Bas Brummans, a truly remarkable individual. Bas is a 7Qi authenticity® Lifecoach, holds degrees in Psycho Dynamics and interim management, a certified Thomas International® coach, a Reiki practitioner and a professional photographer.

After experiencing several life-changing events, such as sitting in a crashing plane in India, suffering cerebral eudemia on intensive care in Tibet, Bas decided to to live his mission: helping people searching for happiness. He developed the 7Qi methodology on basis of many ‘classic’ spiritual works and scientific psychologic literature. His book “Crisis, and now?” (7Qi methodology) will be published soon.

The 7qi Methodology

The 7Qi approach claims that the route of finding more self awareness is important on the road to happiness. The 7Qi approach defines 7 Aspects of being: body, ego, mind, emotions, feelings, soul and spirit.

1. Food

7qiFood awareness and eating habits can be meaningful and fun – be aware of what and how you eat! You might make use of a diet, or be aware of how your food is processed. Maybe you choose to use local foods from the farmers market, experiment with ‘greendrinks’ or just be aware of your food choices. You even might consider growing your own foods!

2. Body & Health

Be aware of the choices that impact your physical wellbeing – be it activities like sports, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or practicing alternative medicine like Reiki, Shiatsu or Acupuncture. Consider the relationship between your health and the other seven 7Qi spheres. Do you suffer structural or sudden health problems? Be conscious about the heart-body-mind connection.

3. Wellness & Relaxation

Action & relaxation must come together in balance. Be sure to incorporate leisure, vacations, retreats, spa visits, meditation and walks in the wood within your weekly routine. Reducing stress is very important as stress can activate some harmful processes in your body and mind.

Sleep is just as important – Do you get enough sleep? Are you waking up refreshed or exhausted?

4. Doing & Experiencing (awareness)

One of the bigger challenges in our Western society is “don’t think too much”. Don’t be a slave of your fears and feelings of insecurity. A very important part of life is “doing and experiencing!” It trains your awareness and personal insights of your (im)possibilities and potential. Adventure can be fun. And remember that every champion was once an amateur…

5. Opening up & Connecting (aware)

People love companions. And even if you prefer being alone, be aware what there are many positive effects about sharing with and caring for others. You feel lonely? Just grab your phone and call or visit somebody! You will be surprised about the richness and usefullness of connections.
“The power of silence” is also part of this 7Qi sphere. It is silence what makes your ‘system’ can open up for its environment. Receiving instead of emitting (listening [to understand] instead of talking [or answering]). This is an important part of the power of meditation practice and other wellness & health therapies and treatments.

Finally this 7Qi sphere also contains your contact with nature. Especially in cities we are in risk loosing contact with nature which we are part of. A packed piece of meat in a supermarket is totally different from seeing an animal. If you lack contact with nature, go out! A park in town can be good. But even better enjoy a walk in the woods, at the beach or between the meadows. Touch a horse or a cow in the meadows and experience what happens inside! In silence and nature we engage with ourself and the world!

6. Fun & Joy

Do what makes you happy! Without fun and joy life can be a burden! Without fun and joy, you might become ill (or suffer burnout). Dance, enjoy music, arts, sports or whatever. There are possibilities for any state or condition!

7. Learning & Growing

We all like different things and have different ways to grow. Some like to read or discuss or attend events, and some don’t. Either way, evaluating your situation and ambition levels is important. Changing jobs and earning less can bring different wealth and prosperity. There are many ways to grow. Awareness and gaining insights can attribute to self respect and self-confidence.

7Qi Retreats

7QiAdvertisementBas and his team members – Heather Hobbs and Becky Nodding – are organizing retreats to beautiful Bali. The next upcoming retreat takes place in Bali between August 16-22, and another follows in September. The early bird price ($400 off) is available for just a few more days, so grab your spot quickly!

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