Journey Within Camino Retreat in Spain

In the year 2006, directed by Ligia Margarita Muci Ramos, Marly Tours opened its doors in Madrid to offer assistance to all those who wish to find their ‘way’ or their Camino.

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Marly Tours designed a journey to inspire, support, and serve personal transformation and spiritual awakening while exploring the Camino de Santiago towards Cape Finesterre – “End of the world,” where Spain meets the Atlantic Ocean. Marly Camino Journey Within Iron CrossThe Camino holds the promise of a quiet space in which you can refocus your awareness and witness your world and personal circumstances through the eyes of your True Self.

This retreat will take you to the most powerful energetic points in this pilgrimage. Guided spiritually and intuitively by the wonderful María Blanco, you will travel through time and space with tailor-made meditations, sunrises and sunsets, a diversity of rituals, Celtic culture myths and ancient legends of Atlantis & Lemuria and many other incredible surprises. You’ll have the opportunity to go deeply into your spirit, heart, emotions and mind to heal, lead ourselves our out of fears, and find answers to your questions; even to questions you didn’t know you had.

You’re invited to join this spectacular journey of self-discovery, enjoying the natural beauty and energy of Spain’s magic.

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Marly Camino River Meditation

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