Launching Next Week – Final Call To Optimize Your Listings And Add Them To Our Booking System

We are launching our marketing campaign next week!

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We have a good number of events bookable via our booking system, and we feel confident we can generate some sales for you.

Our plan is to look closely at each event / category, and launch a targeted campaign to bring users who are specifically looking for what we have to offer.

If your event is not yet bookable through – Now is the time!

Please visit for more info.

If your event is already bookable through, please contact us and answer the questions below – it will help us to better understand your target market and design a more effective marketing strategy for your event.

  1. A link to your dashboard or event (so we know who you are)
  2. How are you marketing your events? Paid advertising? Social Networks?
  3. What is your target audience? Age, gender, geographic location etc.
  4. What is your current capacity for the event? How many in total? How many already booked? How many allocated to RetreatNetwork?
  5. Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

We are grateful to be of service!


Ilan Mandel, Co-founder

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