Abode of the Message

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The Abode of the Message is the central residential community and learning center of the Sufi Order International, founded by Pir Vilayat Khan.  It is the intention of the Abode of the Message as a community, to collectively embody spiritual awakening.  Essential to this is clarity in our mutual commitment to practicing, in all situations, the Sufi teachings.  Shared devotion to the ideals of Love, Harmony and Beauty, and to the specific transformational work whereby these ideals are progressively realized, provides the natural framework for mutual dedication and visionary collaboration. The Abode hosts and accommodates many organizations: two retreat centers on the Abode main campus, the Mountain Retreat Center, the headquarters of the Sufi Order International, Flying Deer Nature Center, Seven Pillars House of Wisdom, Mountain Road School, Suluk Academy and an organic farm. All these organizations co-exist on 400 acres of beautiful land that was formerly the Mount Lebanon South Family Shaker Village.  Many of the original Shaker buildings are still intact. What brings people back here year after year is the peaceful healing atmosphere.

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: Ibrahim Pedriñan

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