Angel Valley Sedona A Vortex Retreat & Spritual Contact Center

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Venue Description

The essence of Angel Valley Sedona is to follow a spiritual path, while doing spiritual work and assisting others in their spiritual growth. Its founders, Michael and Amayra Hamilton are both ordained ministers in the Order of Melchizedek. The legal structure that best serves the philosophy, vision and mission is a non-denominational spiritual organization. The 501(C)(3) status for Angel Valley was received in 2004. The retreat center is a platform to convey its message. Individuals and groups come to Angel Valley Sedona for retreats, during which they recieve insights and experience healing and expansion. The length of stay can be as short as a half-day visit up to several weeks. Holistic services enhance individual healing and transformation.


We See A New Paradigm World of

  • Heaven and Earth Uniting in the Hearts of All Beings
  • Clear Communication with Our Higher Self
  • Conscious Interactions with Beings of Light from All Worlds
  • Unconditional Love Expressed and Experienced by All
  • Honoring that All Truths & Perspectives are True for the People who hold them
  • Abundance Being Consciously Exchanged and Enjoyed By All
  • Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability Lived by All


We give our Vision and Philosophy Expression by

  • Celebrating Life with Awareness and in Harmony with Nature
  • Connecting with Angelic and Nature’s Messengers and Messages
  • Inspiring People to Be and Express Their True Natural Self
  • Inviting People to Listen to Their Heart and to Follow their Excitement
  • Encouraging People to Find Their Own Answers and Truths Within Themselves
  • Being in a State of Acceptance of What Is
  • Building Communities and Centers for Healing and Transformation
  • Creating and Presenting Programs, Services, Activities and Products

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