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Venue Description

Balanced Rock is a Yosemite-based non-profit that has been inspiring health and wellbeing through our programs and classes since 1999. Yosemite National Park is a world-heritage site celebrated as one of the most sacred places on earth. We are honored to offer backpacking journeys, weekend camping retreats, day-hikes, workshops, and lodge-based programs that focus on inward reflection, coupled with outward exploration of this incredible place.

Our compassionate, personable, and expert staff share a rare and unique combination of local Yosemite knowledge and passion for its natural history, with a spirited dedication to contemplative practices including yoga, meditation, and the creative arts.

Our courses are generally appropriate for all levels of experience. Join us in the wilderness this year to cultivate holistic health and wellness, rejuvenate yourself, and transform your life!

What We Do

Nature & Nurture

At Balanced Rock, we’re devoted to providing opportunities for mindful living, self-care, and community involvement in connection with the natural world. Our core programs are nature-based retreats, workshops, and transformational adventures in Yosemite. Balanced Rock experiences offer a setting to cultivate personal balance, and to support our personal and community health. This is inspired by the wisdom found in spending quality time with the natural world. Balanced Rock courses pair the outdoors with contemplative and creative practices (yoga, meditation, art, music, Ayurveda, and self-care) to foster compassion, and facilitate personal empowerment. A Balanced Rock journey can transform your life!

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