Bend of Ivy Lodge

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Venue Description

Bend of Ivy Lodge is a place for renewal, created to support those coming together to learn, to create, to grow, to renew the spirit, and to produce new possibilities.

Nestled on 63 acres of land in a secluded valley not far from Asheville, NC, Bend of Ivy is a special and inspiring space for weddings, coach trainings, residential retreats and special events. An overall feeling of peacefulness and beauty join an exquisite attention to detail, supporting what people come here to create.

Named after the Ivy River that flows past our land, Bend of Ivy Lodge is integrated into the natural surroundings. This integration is reflected in our strong commitment to being carbon neutral and environmentally responsible. We see ourselves as part of a human and natural ecosystem. We respect, love, and care for the natural world while making it accessible to guests who value the stillness of quiet woods or seeing wildlife on a morning walk.

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