Big Sur Lodge

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Deep in the heart of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur Lodge shelters writers, artists, seekers of beauty, and weary travelers in search of the peace and majestic splendor that the aged redwoods bestow on body and soul.

Located in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park on the rugged central coast of CaliforniaBig Sur Lodge is well known as a haven surrounded by exquisite natural beauty, dramatic vistas and temperate climates.

A short casual stroll down to Big Sur river welcomes visitors with stunning views of the Santa Lucia mountain range that can be witnessed from our 62 spacious cottage-style rooms, each with their own deck or porch.

Whether you enjoy a slow morning walk or a vigorous hike through the numerous footpaths of the 1,006 acre park of Pfeiffer Falls, the scenic wonders of rustic bridges give passage over the Pfeiffer Redwood Creek as you come before a waterfall where you can hear the roar of the white water come crashing down from its 60 foot drop.

Follow the trails through groves of some the most famous redwoods in Big Sur as they stand stoically over the abundance of wildlife and wilderness while soaring Condors fly across the sky and light on the branches of these magnificent guardsmen forever planted outside the main front door of Big Sur Lodge.

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