Bliss Sanctuary for Women

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Bliss Sanctuary for women, welcomes women traveling on their own without being alone. Come and stay with us in beautiful Bali Villa Accommodation where you will be nurtured to your hearts content. No kids, no couples, and only a handful of women at any one time. This is pure holiday bliss, a sanctuary for women traveling who want the ultimate relaxation hassle free travel experience in Bali.

It is extremely important as women that we take time out to fulfil our needs as ourselves, not as employee, boss, cook, mother, sister, friend… but completely for ourselves. Much easier said than done in our every day lives… but at Bliss Sanctuary for Women time out for yourself is our speciality & your reward… women’s bliss!

Bliss Sanctuary for Women is the creation of an environment with beautiful surroundings, a destination of friendship and healing. With a small group of women at any one time, your privacy & peacefulness are assured. So close to Seminyak shopping and bars, we are nestled into lovely rice paddies in Canggu, perfect for Rest and Relaxation.

Designed to meet all your needs, we create a carefree atmosphere that you can enjoy without feeling the travellers pressures of organization, isolation, or fear of the unknown. This is ‘eat pray love’ style self nurturing but all in one week on the beautiful island of Bali.

Included in your Bliss Sanctuary Bali stay are… all meals cooked Indonesian style within the villa, your own room with oversized beds and amenities, personal drivers to pick you up and drop you at the airport as well as take you shopping, out for meals, to the beach, to visit Ubud or anywhere else you would like to go. Unlimited Yoga is offered through Desa Seni our specialist yoga partners, to help reinvigorate your tired body, as well as daily massage and meditation areas to help you unwind and reconnect.

Women’s roles have changed so much throughout the years, and vary from country to country. The one similarity is that generally women have a lot more freedom to travel, and a lot of women’s lives have become more and more demanding at home. As a result it is so important that we take time out for ourselves. Bliss Sanctuary for Women is an environment where you can do this in safety and never feel alone, whilst still getting the rest and support you need.

We believe wholeheartedly that you can’t give to others if you don’t know how to receive, and Bliss Sanctuary for Women is all about giving back to yourself & allowing your heart mind & soul to smile.


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