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Cambridge Zen Center is one of the largest Buddhist residential Zen Training centers in the country. CZC was founded in 1973 by early students of Zen Master Seung Sahn, the first Korean Zen master to teach in the West. We offer daily morning and evening meditation and chanting, and weekly public talks and instruction free of charge. Retreats and accommodations are offered for a reasonable price.

Zen meditation is a powerful way to clear our mind of habitual thinking. It helps us to balance ourselves and our world by pointing us towards our own wisdom and compassion. New friendships are formed and support for doing this practice is found by coming together for this special purpose.

The Cambridge Zen Center offers a variety of programs for regular and consistent Zen Buddhist meditation practice. Conveniently located near Central Square between Harvard and MIT, CZC is a vibrant practicing community that is a refuge and stronghold in the midst of an energetic and multicultural city. The programs offered at CZC range from formal practice to work, community building, and family practice.

The daily formal practice is free and open to the public. Retreats, public talks, workshops, and other ongoing programs are scheduled on our monthly program calendar. Selected Adult Education Courses and Little Buddhas gatherings for children are also held at CZC. Residential and nonresidential programs provide flexibility for practicing in an urban environment. Commitment in training can be made through the receiving of precepts, and an extensive Dharma Teacher Training Program provides opportunity for deeper growth and experiences through service and sharing on the bodhisattva way.

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