Camp Lenox

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Camp Lenox is a traditional summer camp for boys and girls located in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, directed by Rich, Stephanie and Monty Moss. The camp offers excellent athletic programs as well as traditional camp activities.


1918 – Camp Lenox for Boys is founded by the Sperling/Selverstone family, early pioneers in private summer camping. During this time, many other summer camps are established in the Northeast and the concept of a“traditional summer camp” comes into being. Camp Lenox epitomizes this tradition by fostering a strong community of campers and staff during an eight week program of sports, art and outdoor education.

1964 – Monty and Judy Moss, with their son Rich, take over the ownership and leadership of Camp Lenox. Emphasizing highly skilled instruction and a personal approach, campers are allowed to focus on sports and activities of their own choosing. This novel approach to camping, implemented by only a few at first, eventually spreads through the Northeast and then across the nation.

1984 – After years of experience as a camper and staff member, Richard Moss joins his parents as a second generation owner and director. A dynamic personality combined with a strong background in sports and psychology uniquely equips him to lead Camp Lenox in the years to come.

1985 – Camp Lenox goes co-ed, welcoming girls for the first time. Boys and girls enjoy seperate programs during the day, coming together during meals and at all-camp activities in the evening.

2003 – Richard’s wife, Stephanie, becomes director of Camp Lenox for Girls. Together, Rich & Stephanie continue in his parents’ footsteps, making Camp Lenox one of the premier summer camps for boys and girls in the Northeast.

2007 – Camp Lenox celebrates their 90th Anniversary and prepares for 90 more years of fun.


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