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Venue Description

Campion Renewal Center is a ministry of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Our primary purpose is to enhance the lives of men and women of faith through a wide range of programs including retreats, days of prayer, spiritual direction, and The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Campion is also a spacious conference facility available to non-profit organizations and programs consistent with our identity and mission.

Among the Center’s goals are to help people discover and enter into closer union with the God who labors in love for the good for all, to foster a deep personal love for Jesus Christ, to help facilitate collaboration with laity and clergy for the benefit of the Church, and to make our resources available to those in need and to men and women of other faith traditions.


In addition to our schedule of days of prayer and retreat programs, we offer a number of other services. Please contact the Center office if we can be of assistance in any way, or if you have a particular need to which we might be able to respond.

Spiritual Direction:
Campion Renewal Center has several well-trained, experienced men and women available for the ministry of spiritual direction. Please contact the Center office for information regarding this service.

Off-Site Programs:
Members of the Campion Renewal Center staff are available for off-site programs. Please contact the Center office for further information, or to make arrangements.

Hosted Programs:
Campion is delighted to serve as host to non-profit religious, educational and community groups who wish to use our facilities for their own programs. We have conference rooms that hold from 10 to 200 participants, and single and double rooms that can accommodate as many as 86 guests. Please call the Center office to make reservations.

Program Assistance:
Our staff is available to help provide your group with a program, whether this is for a day of prayer, weekend retreat or longer event. Contact the Center office well in advance to make arrangements. Please understand that, because of the many commitments we have, we will need as much advance notice as possible to consider your group’s request. In the event that our staff is not able to meet your program needs, you are of course free to make all the necessary scheduling and financial arrangements with a guest director who can provide you with your desired program.

Hundreds of titles in the areas of spirituality and prayer, plus icons, cards and children’s books are available. Our bookstore is open Tues. & Thurs. 9 am to 3 pm, Wed., 12-2 pm, Fri. 3-8:30 pm, and Sat. 9 am to 3pm.

Gift Certificates:
Gift Certificates that may be used for a retreat, books, etc. are available. Visit or call the Center office to obtain one.


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