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Chinchelejo Lodge is a shamanic healing retreat centre , community medicine lodge and the family home of Don Eluco Navarro. Chinchelejo Lodge was established as an ayahuasca centre in 2008 by Don Eluco and his American partner Meghan Shannon with whom he lived and worked with foreign visitors until 2011. Since then Chinchelejo Lodge has remained a medicine centre for the local community whilst Eluco worked at other retreat centres in the Iquitos area. It was at one of these centres that during the summer of 2014 he met Emily Sinclair, an English Anthropologist and travelling volunteer at the time. After doing ceremonies with Eluco, she came to Jenaro Herrera with him to do dieta in the jungle and to meet the family. Emily soon became Eluco’s apprentice and together they established Dr. Sanango, re-opening Chinchelejo Lodge in May 2015 as a retreat centre and centre of medicinal plant based research.

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: Emily Sinclair

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  1. Sarah Stefan
    Sarah Stefan

    I went on an 8 day retreat (all included, 5 ceremonies) in September 2015. The shaman, Don Luco, is simply wonderful. He is kind, caring, and went above and beyond to help us navigate our new world of ayahuasca. We got to collect medicinal plants from the jungle and then make and bless the ayahuasca all together. Accommodations were comfortable, and the food was good and sustaining for the day. Luco\’s icaros were beautiful. Just wow! Every morning and noon we got to swim and clean ourselves in the Ucayali River. It was a powerful and life-changing experience. If you are ready to experience ayahuasca, this is where you should do it. Emily, Luco\’s apprentice, is also wonderfully supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Sanango!

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    5 Jan 2016 at 4:53 pm

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