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Venue Description

We create a space where people are encouraged to have an experience dedicated to themselves, where they can feel safe and inspired to dive within themselves, exploring their own Expansion of Consciousness through a vast selection of possible tools and activities.

You are welcome to choose the duration of your retreat, from one day up to some weeks, you are welcome!! (you can also extend the duration once you are here)

We have what we like to call our List of Sharing: a list of possible activities we offer.
Day by day we can see what to do when, according to your own wishes and the wishes of other participants (when there are).
We generally offer an average of 3 hours per day, 5 days a week for the activities from the List of Sharing.
This is a general list of possibilities, but we can creatively adjust it, adapt it, amplify it according to each situation!

These…and many more…are the activities we weekly share at Dreamquest.

Facilitator: Elena
– Theoretical introduction to shamanism and practical experience of shamanic journeying
– More practical experiencing on shamanic journeying
– Elena: sharing my experience of 2 years experimenting with a “spiritual diet”. Is there an ideal way of eating?
– Breathing session: what happens if I breathe deeply during an hour?
– Spiritual shopping! A walk in the magics of nature, hunting inspiring elements to place in our home.
– Sharing together: psychic/extra-sensorial symptoms, I feel others don’t understand me, I wish I could find someone to compare my experiences with
– Aura reading, The Rose Meditation Method, practical learning experiences
– More practical learning of aura reading, The Rose Meditation Method
– Influencing life with the power of thoughts & law of attraction. Elena: sharing my personal experience and considerations after several experiments
– Imaginatorium. Non-material (highly healthy & for free!) source of pleasure: spirituality can also be lots of fun! Elena: sharing my personal experiments of developing an imaginary world to create chemicals of pleasure in the brain
- Imaginatorium. Practical experiment together: visualization session to start picturing and creating your own very safe imaginary world
– Imaginatorium. Drug-free LSD meditation. Practical experiment together: meditation session listening to music from the 60’s & 70’s, focusing on joyful psychedelic patterns to boost positive, happy mood
- Imaginatorium. Chakra cleaning. Practical experiment together: creatively cleaning our chakras through visualizations, voice sounds, body movement, music

Facilitator: Michael
– Introduction to Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication method
– Introduction to hypnosis
– Theoretical introduction to Michael Newton’s hypnosis method Life Between Lives
– Psycho-genealogy
– Eneagram
– Theoretical introduction to permaculture
– Theoretical introduction to eco-building
– Theoretical discussion about the singularity hypothesis and the future of technology
– Group hypnotic journey
– Tribal sounds party
– Workshop djembe and rhythm
– Workshop didgeridoo
– Workshop juggling
– Workshop overtone singing

Facilitator: Elena & Michael
– Hypnoshamanism
– Sharing. Michael: how to found and run an eco-community (from buying the land to receiving new members and volunteers). Elena: joining an eco-community. What we would do the same, what we would do different if we repeated our experiences
– Talking circle: what it is, how it works. Experiencing it.

For the rest of the time
– we are generally social persons, of course we also need our moments of privacy and rest, but we will be often happy to informally spend some more time together with you, chatting, sitting around a camp fire, playing in a jam session (we have different instruments!), or whatever other activity which might come to our creative minds!
– you can use this opportunity to take some quiet time for yourself, enjoy walks in nature, sit and contemplate nature, think, write…
– we have a library with many different books which might be pretty inspiring and entertaining for your Expansion of Consciousness!
– when there are other participants, you can decide to spend some time together
– weekly there is a bus to Nisa and back (the closest town at 8km). Alternative: hitch-hike and/or walk. There you have a library and many cafés with free wifi, two supermarkets and different other shops.


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: Elena&Michael

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