evolation yoga teacher training (YA – RYT): Bogota

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Complete your yoga teacher training in Bogota, a melting pot of South American culture.

Immerse yourself in a 4 week yoga experience that will change your life.

Limited to 20 participants – apply today: email us!

Evolation hot yoga teacher training is a 250hr course focused on teaching the hot yoga Primary Series, originally defined by Bikram Choudhury. You will explore the essentials of yoga philosophy, anatomy and mechanics that underpin this sequence – in an inclusive and intimate training environment. You will also deepen your own yoga practice through intimate posture mechanics workshops, a variety of yoga classes and individual feedback.

Our teacher training is an ongoing program designed to prepare you the student for a more connected and aware life of contribution, Self growth and fulfillment. The curriculum, and ultimately the classes you will teach, are a set of tools for your own Self awakening. We are committed to supporting this by mentoring you long after your immersion training is complete.

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: Mark Drost

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  1. Vladimir Poveda
    Vladimir Poveda

    Yoga is my life and in one month you can learn everything about asanas but also you can change your life, like me.

    This hot teacher training is awesome, and is a serious commitment with you but is really cool and you gonna laught laught and learn and learn. And change your life, just do it.

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    30 Sep 2015 at 10:54 pm

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