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Healing Yoga Foundation (HYF) is a nonprofit service, support, education, and research institution dedicated to health, healing, and personal development through Yoga. We are committed to serving all who wish to benefit from Yoga by respecting and meeting the needs of the individual regardless of physical capability, health, background, age, experience, or financial means.

HYF’s comprehensive approach and personalized application of yoga tools can be especially supportive for those facing health challenges and seeking support and recovery from injury, illness and chronic conditions, from physical pain and discomfort to a range of emotional and mental stresses and concerns. Our goal is to help empower and support individuals through the following principles of practice:

  • Respect that every person is an individual with unique circumstances, needs, goals, and abilities and thus care for the whole person, according to these needs, goals, etc., rather than the condition (there are no prescriptions).
  • Recognize and respect that the human system is comprised of several overlapping, interrelated dimensions- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual- and address the needs of the whole person at every level.
  • Honor the individual healing process and that every person’s experience of health, healing, and personal growth is unique. As such, our approach to each person is highly personalized.
  • Empower the individual to be an active participant in her/his own healing process and nurture his or her own well-being: healing comes from within the individual, rather than from an outside source.

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