Kenyon Ranch

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Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Tumacacori Mountains just south of Tucson, Arizona, Kenyon Ranch is an ideal destination for all types of gatherings – spiritual, personal and professional alike. Kenyon Ranch provides a peaceful environment in which group participants and guests can accomplish the task at hand while reconnecting with nature through such activities as bird watching, star-gazing or self-reflection. Surrounded by history, Kenyon Ranch offers its guests a chance to experience the old west in comfort.

Kenyon Ranch is situated at an altitude of 3,400 feet and looks down over the beautiful Santa Cruz Valley. Mt. Baldy dominates the picture from a distance with its ten thousand feet elevation. Tucson, 45 miles to the north; and Nogales, 20 miles south on the Mexican Border, are reached comfortably by way of paved dustless highway. With 17 casitas, the ranch is able to accommodate up to 50 guests.

Kenyon Ranch is located less than an hour south of Tucson in the Santa Cruz River Valley. Kenyon Ranch was opened in 1937 as a Dude Ranch and was a popular winter vacation spot for many years.

Bordered by the Santa Rita and Tumacacori mountain ranges, shifting shadows, towering peaks and deep ravines reflect the diverse cultures of the people who have lived here for over 11,000 years. In these stunning mysterious mountains, myths of hidden treasures, “disappearing” places, rivers that run up, ancient petroglyphs and the cry “Geronimo” continues to capture the imagination of artists, adventurers, hikers and writers.

Spaniards first arrived in 1691 and established missions, and decades later, in 1752, established the first Presidio town of Tubac, which is now a vibrant and popular art colony. The rich and colorful blend of Native American, Spanish Colonial, Mexican, and Anglo cultures is still present to visitors who come to enjoy the galleries, old ruins, architecture and the clean high desert air of this valley. Here, it seems the sky is larger and the stars shine brighter; in the stillness of an evening when the distant coyotes sing their songs, it is possible to remember our place in the universe.

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