Leela Mata’s Peaceful Valley Ashram

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Leela Mata Peaceful Valley Ashram was founded in 2006. At the time of purchase it was a hundred and eight year old building situated on about 12 acres of land.
It was formally the Poor House of this county – a place where people came for food and shelter, physical comfort and nourishment. In todays society there is a greater and more pressing need. . .the nourishment for the spirit and soul.
“Since childhood, I knew that I would be creating such a project at the age of 60. I was told by the Divine Ones – hence the Ashram is also called a “Sanctuary for Divinity”. It opens to you your Divine nature. I invite you to come and explore the blissful nature of your Self. We are here to support you. Your Enlightenment is our aim!” Leela Mata

Ashram information
Get away from the hustle and bustle of life and come back to the simplicity, joy and sacredness of being part of a community of like minded souls. We are here to support you on your spiritual journey. Come visit us and immerse yourself in our daily schedule of meditation, yoga, devotional chanting and vegetarian meals. We are located on 13 acres of beautiful rolling green hills. The Ashram itself is in an old historic building that is being renovated one step at a time. The main building, Hub area and bottom of the west wing are completed and the rest is still in progress. We offer Workshops, and services to relax your body and mind, reduce stress, support healing, and get you in touch with your inner source.

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: Leela Mata

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