MaoMeno Resort

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Venue Description

maoMeno is ultimately a space that has existed long before it was given a name. A place where Peace, Art and Joy form a boundless appreciation of Life. Surrounded by turquoise waters and infused with calming energy, it is a place for grounding, unfolding & discovering both without & within.

maoMeo aims to compliment & continue your exploration of yoga & meditation into life out of the Shala. As you naturally synch into the innate rhythms of the mind, body & surroundings, we hope it will non-dogmatically lead you to cultivate awareness towards the people, nature & stillness around you. A space for freedom has been created to be who you truly ‘are’, not who you ‘have’ to be.

Embark upon the act of ‘undoing’, delve into the mystery of the unknown & flow with the wonder of the Tao; to find that time has no importance, goals don’t have to be achieved & a deeper universal connection can be reached.

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