Mi Templo Sagrado (My Sacred Temple)

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Mi Templo Sagrado (My  Sacred Temple) is a Ethnobotanical medicinal plants research and treatment center located in the  Northern Peruvian Amazon,  in the city of Tarapoto. It is a Civil  Private Partnership (non-profit) dedicated to the treatment, applied research  into traditional medicine  of the region, and the practical  applications in treatment and rehabilitation of addictions, as well as the  development of therapeutic and  preventative methods for of substance abuse. The philosophy of the center is holistic in outlook, combining the latest  research of bio- medical and behavioral science with time tested, natural indigenous medicines. It was founded by Raul Diego Nelson Falch, who coordinates its team of professionals and experts in the fields of medicine, clinical psychology, medical anthropology, ethno-botany, and plant  medicine. Its central vision is to actively employ the most powerful scientific knowledge and the natural resources of the plant medicines of the region in the development of a comprehensive alternative therapy for drug addiction which is effective, low cost, and available to persons of different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.Our Methodology associates the cutting edge scientific research with the time test empirical knowledge of the indigenous healers of the Amazon. Our researchers and practitioners come from different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. Our team is able to offer medical and psychological testing and pre-assessments, and are available for crisis-intervention. 

Rain Forest Protection & Documentation of Indigenous Medical Knowledge Nature plays a tremendous role in the therapeutic philosophy of Mi Templo Sagrado. This healing philosophy is not only holistic, it is filled with ecological respect. The surrounding rainforest has produced an abundance of flora and fauna that have been tapped for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples for healing purposes, and they have lived with respect and ecological sensitivity with the richness and diversity of the forest life. Now the life and vitality of the Amazon and rain forest are being threatened by the forces of modernization and corporate greed.

Mi Templo Sagrado is dedicated to protecting and caring for the rain forest, which is the matrix of the world’s most powerful medicines, now and in the future. 

Mi Templo Sagrado has various ways of protecting and guarding rainforest land and ecosystem, with volunteers, guardians, and governmental help. But a strong component is the way it works in the most beautiful natural context of the forest, with clients, students, and volunteers working and living for extended periods of time in the most amazing rain forest on the planet. The connection with Nature, here, is itself therapeutic, and speaks to the individual in a powerful way, that can be carried back into their own cultures. We believe it is best to leave the rainforests intact and responsibly harvest its nuts, fruits and oil-producing plants, and medicinal plants, but without over-use and stripping the region of these resources. This seems a saner approach to local economic needs than cutting down the trees to make lumber, or grazing fields for cattle.  We are also  interested in harvesting the indigenous shamanic knowledge. Most of the indigenous shamans of the region are 70 years old or more, and when they die, entire libraries worth of medical information  will be lost to human kind forever.For this reason we are researching as many of these indigenous healers as possible and documenting their knowledge. Finally we encourage our patients and students to  support the local indigenous peoples of the rain forest, by purchasing their arts and crafts, and by offering various forms of assistance.

We do not promote or encourage the use of the Sacred medicines, like Ayahuasca, Cannabis or Wachuma. It is  your own responsability. Those Sacred medicine plants are banned in many  countries around the world.

Mi Templo Sagrado Research Team:

Raul Diego Falch  is founder of the Temple Sagrado, and coordinator of its team of professionals in Tarapoto, Peru. With a background in engineering (NDT Engineer), Oil Enginering (Steering Tools) and Computer Science, he brings 10 years of intensive research and a vast experience of plant medicines in the  North Amazon region. He brings to his ceremonies a rich framework rooted in cutting-edge biomedical science, plus a creative dialogue and synthesis with ancient wisdom of indigenous plant medicines. Raul Diego Nelson Falch specializes in treating addictions and various physical  disorders with plant medicines, and offers a 3-year, 3-module apprenticeship program in plant shamanism through Mi Templo Sagrado.

Inger Skogvold is a spontaneous researcher and co-director with Raul Diego  Nelson Falch, of Mi Templo Sagrado. She has spent a decade studying shamanism  and plant medicine with many teachers from around the world, including in the  Amazon basin. Born in Norway, she had  a career as an executive educator of a  security training program in Norway. Inger has Viking roots, and now devotes her  time to Mi Templo Sagrado and spontaneous research. She brings considerable  experience with indigenous plant medicines, a deep loving sensitivity and
presence to the healing treatment ceremonies of Mi Templo Sagrado.

Matthew Daniel,  Ph.D. is an Australian  clinical psychologist  and  spontaneous researcher, having  studied biomedical  science and   psychology at Macquarie University in Australia.  He is a  psychotherapist, psychological consultant and spontaneous researcher  with Mi  Templo Sagrado

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D (aka, Mikkal) is a clinical psychologist, author of JUNG AND SHAMANISM IN DIALOGUE, and PSYCHOTHERAPY & THE SACRED. He is director of Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies International, teaching in France, Belgium, S. Africa and the USA. He is a psychological consultant to the Templo Sagrado in Tarapoto.

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