Mount Calvary at Saint Mary’s Retreat House

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Mount Calvary Monastery and its Retreat House was established in 1947 by Fr. Karl Tiedemann, OHC. Mount Calvary Monastery is a retreat and conference center of the Order of the Holy Cross on the West Coast. Following its destruction by fire in 2008, the monastic community relocated to St. Mary’s Retreat House in Santa Barbara, which is now known as Mount Calvary Monastery.

Central to each day at Mount Calvary is the “work” of prayer, or Opus Dei, as St. Benedict calls it. The three services of The Divine Office and the daily offering of the Holy Eucharist are both acts of praise to God and an intercession for the needs of the world.  Equally central to the day is a time of silence, usually following Compline through breakfast the following morning.

Recently the Order reached an agreement with the Sisters of the Holy Nativity that we could purchase this property.  So, St. Mary’s Retreat House, the grounds, St. Joseph’s house, are all now the property of the Order of the Holy Cross.  The property was paid for by the insurance payment from Mount Calvary’s destruction.

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