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Ozden Pansiyon, set in Side Old town, was once a 5 bedroom bungalow that has grown with tourism over the last 40 yrs or more by adding rooms to make this wonderful welcoming Oasis. Surrounded by the warm Mediterranean Ocean, beautiful golden beaches just steps away. The vibrant old historical town has history and ruins on ever corner to explore, shops, cafes, bars to sit and soak up the sunshine and Rich Turkish Culture…so truly something for everyone!

Our accommodation of 9 private en-suite rooms (with no added single supplement!), Our rooms are simple comfortable and clean all with en-suite shower rooms. We provide shower towels and hand soap in the shower rooms. All rooms are cleaned daily by our housekeeper and offer free Wifi, internet connection. All rooms have outside seating area and some have a shared terrace.


Relax on one of the golden beaches just a short stroll walk away… Visit the traditional Turkish markets in nearby Manavgat. We can arrange a private boat trip up the emerald green river in Manavgat or just chill-lax on the bean bags in our peaceful gardens.

The other evenings you are free to choose from the wide variety of restaurants and cafes in Side. There is something for everyone here: Traditional Turkish resturants, locally caught fish restaurants,Turkish pizza (Pide) and not forgetting the original Turkish kebab!

We offer free unlimited tea, coffee, herbal teas and a fridge for our guests use.


Side (meaning pomegranate) is a resort town on the southern coast of Turkey, near the town of Manavgat, 75 km from Antalya. Surrounded by stunning ruins, including the waterside Temple of Apollo and a well preserved Roman amphitheatre, which still hosts colourful performances. Side is one of the best known classical sites in Turkey. Side’s natural geography made it the most important place in Pamphylia from the Mediterranean to Mount Taurus. This location also made Side, Turkey one of the most important trade centres of its time. Today, the ancient city of Side is situated on a small north-south peninsula about 1 km long and 400 km across. Side is one of the Turkish Mediterranean’s most attractive and Historical resorts.

Side’s archaeological importance means there are strict local planning regulations, which has helped the town maintain its charming character. Strolling down the pedestrianised main street brings you to a harbour filled with pleasure boats overlooked by restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a relaxed sunset drink. The town’s long sandy beaches are some of the best on the Turkish coast and have established the resort as one of the country’s top tourist destinations. With so much to see and do like Paragliding, diving, jet-skis (every kind water sport is available) while many prefer just to laze in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Side is at the centre of a beautiful and very diverse region where the Taurus Mountains descend to the Pamphylian Plain. The unspoilt Sorgun forest, just east of the resort, offers walks with ancien history on every corner. There really is something for everyone in this beautiful area of Turkey. If you would like to experience the perfect harmony of history, golden beaches just steps away, nature, inspiring yoga, meditation, holistic therapies and relaxation. We look forward to meeting you here in this beautiful part of Turkey.


We offer a delicious open buffet for breakfast and 2 traditionally cooked Turkish dinners per week. A welcome dinner on Monday and a farewell dinner on Friday.

Our vegetarian wholesome food is cooked from home grown and local produce by our housekeeper.

Turkish Cuisine is one of the three main cuisines of the world, together with French and Chinese. Turkish cuisine, like its cultural mosaic, is very colorful and contains countless different tastes. The foundation of the cuisine is based on grains (rice and wheat) and vegetables. The simplicity of basic cooking techniques, impressive variety and the honesty of the final product – food not hidden under sauces or masked by heavy handed use of herbs or spices.

Turkish-style buffet breakfast will flow with the seasonal fruits from our garden and local markets: Tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, olives, boiled eggs/Menemen fresh bread/pastries & somedays pancakes/gozleme. Fresh fruits, seeds & nuts, honey, jam, molasses, natural yoghurt, olives from our garden, water melon, honeydew melon, porridge oats and cereals.

Unlimited tea, coffee, green tea, herbal teas.


Our holidays start on a Monday and end on a Friday and allow Sundays (Saturdays) as our arrival and departure days. Flights from the majority of UK airports and beyond fly on a Saturday & Sunday. Our nearest airport is Antalya Airport. Travel time around 3hr 50 Minutes from the UK.

You need to book your own flights. – Please note that if it is not possible to get a flight on a Saturday or Sunday, then please do contact me to check availability for you to arrive on another day. We do our very best to accommodate everyone.

You need an entry visa to enter Turkey.

If you choose our private transfer service were our driver will be at the airport to greet you and give you a safe comfortable transfer for a journey of only 55 minutes. (please note that transfer costs are not included in the holiday costings). If more than one guest arrives in near time of your flight the price will become cheaper and you may incur a little wait at the airport for other guests to arrive.

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8 Reviews

  1. Sue, London
    Sue, London

    I have had a really fantastic time. Thank you x

    1 Sep 2015 at 1:41 pm
  2. Lucy Moore
    Lucy Moore

    Well where do I start….what a fantastic holiday. Everything under one amazing roof of love, passion and serenity!! Side is just fantastic an animal lovers heaven!!! The food is out of this world.
    I came a ball of confusion and scared out of skin for travelling and holidaying alone….something of which I’d never experienced!! Having broken my ankle nine weeks previous, a current split from a boyfriend and an over protective mother I was desperate for some time out.
    What a perfect sanctuary I’d found just typing words into Google…you Jo and your wonderful family are an inspiration alone. Truly wonderful people.

    1 Aug 2015 at 1:37 pm
  3. Jonathan Cain, YogaBro
    Jonathan Cain, YogaBro

    Thank you so much for the transformational journey I had last week during my stay with you and your family in beautiful Side, Turkey. This was my first ever yoga holiday/retreat and my first ever visit to Turkey. Although I previously had lots of silly misconceptions about what life was really like in Turkey and I was initially reluctant to book the holiday and come on my own as a slightly overweight 30 year old gay guy, I can honestly say that it was quite possibly the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life.

    I arrived there on the Saturday night with so much fear and apprehension. My flight from Manchester had been delayed and I was super stressed out on arrival but your husband Murat was there waiting for me with a friendly welcome and a big smile at the airport as planned so I instantly felt reassured. I then knew that I no longer had to worry about a thing, I could be myself there and that nobody was judging me. The lateness didn’t seem to matter at all.

    Upon arrival yourself, Murat and your children warmly welcomed me openly into your home and made me feel safe and secure. That meant that I never felt lonely even once during my stay there and could really focus on the yoga practice and having a good holiday. Your son and daughter Kaya and Kuzay were like a younger brother and sister while I was there and really entertained me with all their anecdotes and stories. They were certainly not shy at all and were really good at breaking the ice which was great! I was really impressed by how bright and intelligent they are and how liberal and open you are as a family. I never once felt weird about being there.

    The change in myself from the start of my holiday to the end was profound. On the first Sunday I remember running around Side like a headless chicken in an effort to take photos of absolutely everything! Somehow I felt that I had to prove how much I had seen there, how much I was enjoying myself, how I was going to vindicate my choice of holiday destination to the people I know back home etc. etc. etc. I took 50 photos on day one!!

    Then after our first vinyasa yoga practice with the teacher Bee Bosnak on Monday morning, my mood began to change, I began to slow down and relax and there was a big shift in the way I felt about being there. While walking around ancient Side in the morning, going to the beach in the afternoon and doing our yin/meditative yoga in the evening I was completely absorbed by the location and found a little sanctuary for myself. This helped me to get rid of so much of the emotional baggage and hang-ups about myself that I had been carrying around with me for years and years. The mantra I chose for myself on Monday morning during practice was “enjoy” but it took me a day or so to realise what that really meant for me. I then realised the only one I had to check in with about enjoyment levels was actually myself, and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Perhaps I wouldn’t have found that out if I didn’t go to Side on my own. It’s a strange thing for me to have to learn but I’m very glad I did!

    I went for a hamam, a facial and a full body massage for £35 while in Turkey! This is something I never would have considered at home due to feeling fat/out of shape etc but I knew I couldn‘t go to Turkey without experiencing a Turkish bath!! This turned out to be a really amazing experience. The strange thing was that during the hamam I was asking myself if I really deserved it because I felt so spoiled!! However, now I know that my needs are important too and that everyone is entitled to some TLC even me!!! Through this very intimate experience and also getting undressed each day on the beach (how often can you do that in the UK?!) I just thought “Sod it!” and didn’t care about my lack of a six pack anymore.

    Jo, you helped me to see that yogis and yoginis come in all different shapes and sizes and can still have great flexibility. Thanks for showing me the youtube videos of the vinyasa yoga teacher Mark Giubarelli. It was refreshing to see that male yoga teachers don’t have to be stick insects of have a six pack! You really opened my eyes this week.

    Unlike other yoga retreats that may be out there I never once felt like I had to conform to rules and regulations and there was plenty of free time in between classes to do my own thing if I wanted to. This meant there was zero pressure and that it was total “me time”.

    Now that I’m home and have had time to reflect on my journey, I’m going to concentrate on enjoying my yoga practice rather than trying to get somewhere or push myself into advanced postures. Last week you deepened my love of yoga and also allowed me to live my truth. For that I am so grateful and I hope to continue to create good things for myself now that I am home.

    I will never forget the invocation Bee taught us at the end of class:
    “Om bolo shri sat guru bhagavan ki, Jai!”
    To the teacher within, the only teacher of truth
    I want to remember it from now on and believe in my own decision-making capabilities in order to live my truth.

    That you so much again for everything Jo and all the best for the future!

    Lots of love ^_^ xxxxxxxv

    12 May 2015 at 1:41 pm
  4. Andrew & Julia
    Andrew & Julia

    The room was simple and comfortable, everything we needed; the house is lovely and the communal areas work very well for people to gather. We liked the way that you have introductory and farewell dinners for everyone too. Oh – and the yoga room you have made is super.

    15 Apr 2015 at 3:05 pm
  5. Kristina Hohage, Manchester
    Kristina Hohage, Manchester

    What an amazing week I have had in Jo’s Yoga Pansiyon!
    At Yoga Holiday Turkey, you feel like a guest, not like a customer and that is a priceless experience.
    Straight away you feel welcomed and at home, straight away you relax.

    Yoga Holidays Turkey is not a strict retreat, secluded and remote, Yoga Holidays Turkey invite you to take your Yoga wherever you need it.
    Yoga classes are held either in the lush garden, in the shadow from the leaves above and with bird song around you, or in the charming Yoga room with its big windows that look out on a sea of flowers.

    If you think you need a packed, strict Yoga programme from dawn till dusk for it to be transformative, think again. The three hours of Yoga are enough to deepen your practice and yet give you enough time to let the practice sink, to maybe explore Yoga on your own, and to explore your surroundings: beautiful, vibrant Side, and the amazing Mediterranean sea.

    I was the guest teacher here for one amazing week, and I loved, that throughout the week everybody helped everybody. Be it an achey shoulder, a broken camera or an introduction to haggling – everybody contributed, which had a great influence on the dynamics of the group. No one was just student, no one was just teacher, and everyone was appreciated.

    Yoga Holidays Turkey invites you to explore your own excellence, it is an empowering experience. You are not left on your own, but you have room to spread your wings, and that goes for the students, but also for the guest teachers, like myself.

    This week stays with you, and you feel ready to make space for more Yoga in your own life back home.
    And I haven’t even gotten to the food yet. The breakfast/brunch which we were served every day, and the food of the welcome and the good-bye dinner were all exquisite. Local produce, deliciously spiced and – oh so yummy.

    I can recommend a stay at Yoga Holiday Turkey whole-heartedly and I hope to go back there soon!

    14 Apr 2015 at 2:40 pm
  6. Becky Owen, London
    Becky Owen, London

    What can I say about the most wonderful, relaxing week of my life! The location was perfect, beautiful weather, good food and comfortable rooms, and of course the yoga – Marcela was a fantastic patient teacher with me(as a yoga beginner) making me feel like I could do any of the poses and helping me to do just that. Doing the early morning yoga with the birds singing and the sun rising was blissful. Thankyou very much to Jo for organising the trip and making sure we all had a good time.

    3 Apr 2015 at 6:34 am
  7. Claire Halliday, Scotland
    Claire Halliday, Scotland

    Spent my first holiday in 3 years at this beautiful place. Was a holiday for mind, body and soul. Cannot recommend this place enough – so much so I am already planning a return trip in October. Jo and her family really do welcome you with open arms and hearts. The yoga is amazing, the food is superb. The beach is on the doorstep. I love this place xx

    4 Mar 2015 at 1:39 pm
  8. Kirsten, Georgia
    Kirsten, Georgia

    This is my first Yoga holiday and it was fantastic! I didnt know what to expect but we were well taken care of. The Yoga itself was excellent. It’s the perfect way to start and end each day. I learned so much in a week and improved leaps and bounds compared to my practice at home. I am learning with a greater knowledge and what it can do for my body – AND with the abilty to do things i never imagined I could do.

    The location and availabilty of other activities turned out to be the perfect balance for the evening/morning yoga classes. We spent our free time at the ocean, sightseeing happily and eating great food. We had everything we needed in one spot.

    1 Feb 2015 at 1:34 pm

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