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Private Hotel + Pure Food is not the standard, “cookie-cutter” bed & breakfast, impersonal inn or hotel that one might typically encounter, but rather the creation of its owner, Michael Casper, who had the concept after having lived in Haiti in the 1970s. Michael’s friend, French entrepreneur Olivier Coquelin, opened Habitation Leclerc in Martissant, Haiti where it became renowned as one of the best international resorts in the world, catering particularly to the affluent jet set crowd and patrons that included members of the Kennedy family, European nobility, and famous rock stars such as Mick Jagger. Bringing memories of the time he spent there back to America, Michael has been working on this extraordinary Ithaca, NY property for the past 13 years, taking the ambience of Habitation Leclerc and adding his own special twist, such as museum quality treasures from his personal world adventures and travels (i.e., dinosaur skeletons, meteorites, huge mineral specimens, fossils, historical and pre-historical artifacts and surrealist art). The trails, roads, ponds, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, stone circle (with a North stone that weighs over 40 tons) and cliffside views are mind boggling, leaving visitors to wonder, “Where are you, Crocodile Dundee and Indiana Jones?”

For some visitors, the peaceful and tranquil ambiance found on this 115 acre labyrinth is worth more than the rooms … and the rooms are absolutely extraordinary, each having its own individual character featuring premium bedding and daily housekeeping. The food is primarily vegan and amazing. A Chef in his own right, Michael creates and prepares from his unique menu comprised of organic and vegan ingredients that are locally and on-premises kitchen garden grown and harvested and/or sourced and expressed from the world’s most demanding purveyors of foods, herbs, spices, coffee and teas. Special food and non-vegan requests require advance notice. Simply stated; the staff at Private Hotel + Pure Food understand the essence of hospitality and service is their nature. Security and concierge are always at your service.

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