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Over many centuries Tibetan Buddhist masters have awakened the full potential of human consciousness through meditation, study, and work. In 1968 Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku brought the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma tradition to the United States where it has become a catalyst for positive change.

Tarthang Tulku founded the Ratna Ling Retreat Center in 2004 to serve as an intentional and spiritual community of teachers, students and resident volunteers committed to practicing spirituality in everyday life. Guided by Tibetan Buddhist principles, we strive to share what is best and most beautiful in this precious human existence and to embody and transmit wisdom, compassion, harmony and depth of caring.

Our deep appreciation of the natural environment is manifested in our care of the land, vegetarian diet, and our commitment to support the interconnections of life necessary for the welfare of all beings. We are always taking the necessary steps towards environmental sustainability by practicing caring deeply for ourselves, each other, our surroundings and our planet.

We aim to support our sister organizations whose projects and activities work to preserve the Tibetan Buddhist culture and transmit the teachings to the modern western world.

Ratna Ling is a non-profit retreat and conference center nestled among the redwood forest off the coast of northern Sonoma County. Offering a peaceful respite from the pressures of modern life, we host a variety of workshops and retreats. Facility rentals for small private multi-day events (including Lodge, Conference Center and Pavilion Gardens) and Personal Retreats are also available. Our guests enjoy fresh and nourishing vegetarian meals, first-class private accommodations and the warm hospitality of our resident volunteer community.

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California, United States

Work and live in the redwood coastal hills of Sonoma County, CA at beautiful Ratna Ling, a non-profit retreat and conference center in the Tibetan Buddhist