Redemptorist Renewal Center at Picture Rocks

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Situated in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains and the beautiful Sonoran Desert, the Redemptorist Renewal Center at Picture Rocks is a spiritual life and renewal center that provides a unique opportunity for solitude, reflection, prayer and contemplative practice.

Located on 120 acres that border the Saguaro National Park West, it is a site that appeals to the nature lover and gently challenges the more urban personality.

With miles of trails available into the desert, the variety of the desert flora (especially the cacti) and fauna, plus ancient Hohokam Indian rock art (petroglyphs) located on the Renewal Center property (shown at right), this place has an atmosphere that inevitably nudges those who come toward the sacred.

For those who come to it for a precious time aside from their demanding life circumstances, the Renewal Center becomes what is was for the Hohokam who etched their appreciation of life and its meaning on its jagged rock hundreds of years ago: holy ground.

On the wall of the Our Lady of the Desert Church at the Center is a saying that paraphrases Hosea 2:14: “The desert will lead you to your heart where I will speak.” For those who come to know this special place in the desert, the paraphrase on the chapel wall accurately depicts their experience here. It is a place that helps people get in touch their inner-self and discover and hear again the Lord speaking to them from within…the most sacred place of all.

The Redemptorist Renewal Center is a place where God may be discovered in action. It is not just a physically beautiful place, but it is a place where a person may listen to the voice of God. It is a place where the Redemptorist community is privileged to serve their brothers and sisters in the Lord. In the inevitable exchange, in each experience of sharing, listening and silence, the healing and nourishing power of the Spirit of God is at work.

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