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For Peace and Luxury

A beautiful family farmhouse in the middle of the picturesque countryside, with far reaching views to Dartmoor and easy access to Totness, Sandwell Farmhouse Retreat is an ideal paradise for those looking to relax, re-energise and regain their zest for life.

How about joining our  ‘Oasis of Wellbeing’ spa day? An all-inclusive day of yoga, meditation, juicing demonstrations, healthy food and a choice of reiki, reflexology and facial massage, this spa day is certainly the tonic to help recharge your batteries. The spa day will also offer use of the tranquil heated indoor pool, the sauna and hot tub and plenty of space to take a step back and unwind.

In addition to the spa days, Sandwell Farmhouse also offers juice only detoxes, tailor made retreat packages and also juicing demonstrations. “Those on the juicing retreats always lose weight and note feeling much more energetic and healthy due to the juices containing live enzymes and pure,natural nutrients”.

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: Kate Harris

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2 Reviews

  1. Kathrynpatricia

    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) A lovely, relaxing and informative day. I’d definitely recommend to others. I’m keen to try juicing at home too!

    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Surprisingly delicious food and juices! Especially the morning juice and the soup. Lovely facilities and very welcoming. The therapies were very relaxing – I found myself drifting off to sleep! Great pool, sauna and jacuzzi. Very thoughtful re use of towels, slilppers, shampoos etc. I feel extremely relaxed! and stress free for the first time in ages. Gemma C

    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) I love your spa days Kate you create such a lovely environment. The green juice, soup and salads were fab. When are you going to do a recipe book? My facial massage was fantastic. After the last day people kept telling me how well I looked! Stunning pool facilities. Left feeling peaceful and rested. It felt like putting down heavy bags to release all that stuff. Kate P

    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Excellent lunch and interesting foods! Very welcoming. Brilliant, very relaxing therapies. Very clean and very good pool, sauna and hot tub. Feeling relaxed! Mel A
    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Superb and impressive food and juices. Relaxing, friendly and conducive to an excellent experience. Amazing venue. The therapies were informal and professional. Very appropriate to the day. Fantastic and well designed pool house and facilities. Feeling rested, calm, cleansed mind, very positive, and calming experience. Estelle S

    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Juice this morning was really delicious and the raw cake AMAZING! Very impressive pool, sauna and spa pool: clean, bright and comfortable. The pool temperature was ideal and the hot tub bliss! Shiatsu was wonderful – perfect and I enjoyed the reflexology although it could be longer. Katy H

    24th May 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) It has been a truly fabulous, indulgent, luxurious experience! I loved the whole day and it flowed beautifully. So well put together Kate, you are truly, an inspiration and you deserve huge, huge success! Amazing and perfect! I will share with all my friends

    3rd April 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Amazing juices and food, I loved everything. Such a beautiful setting – the pool is just beautiful with the sliding doors and views over the fields. I had a fantastic facial massage and great Dru yoga session. Now I feel deeply relaxed, but also re-energised. I can’t recommend this highly enough – a wonderful day. Thank you . Kate Philbin

    3rd April 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Delicious juices and food. Felt very well cared for in a beautiful, peaceful and lovely setting. Just what I need: relaxing and healing. The pool, sauna and spa pool were clean, well cared for and fantastic. I left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, I’ve come back to myself. A real treat. I would definitely recommend Oasis of Wellbeing to friends and family. Suzanne

    3rd April 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Completely delicious Lunch and juices! Everything was perfect! I feel relaxed, educated and enthused. Lynnie

    3rd April 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Having had too much stress and feeling overwhelmed with it, I came having set the goal of rebuilding myself – Mission accomplished! I feel stronger, focussed and peaceful – ready to continue the next phase of my journey. A wonderful space to take time and heal. Divine! Shirley
    3rd April 2014 (Oasis of Wellbeing Spa Day) Time has flown by. I loved the Spa day. Awesome pool, sauna and hot tub! Very luxurious! The lunch, juices and cake were absolutely wonderful! Beautiful and lovingly prepared. A comfortable, cosy and caring venue. Yoga was lovely – so gentle. Reflexology fantastic – very deep and relaxing. Feel rejuvenated, felt very weary on arrival. Feel very cared for, relaxed embodied! Congratulations. Maggie

    1st August 2013 Thank you Kate for your hospitality! The ‘detox’ juices were delicious and the cooked breakfast lovely. Such a comfortable and welcoming B&B – we’ll certainly be back.
    The art exhibition was particularly good: the work of a talented young artist.
    Alice and Sean, Hampshire.

    19 Jun 2014 at 11:38 am
  2. Kathrynpatricia

    30th May-2nd June 2014
    The juices were divine! Real treat in every way. The accommodation was very relaxed, you can do whatever you like, chill out in conservatory, in the garden, in your bedroom, have a lovely chat with Kate in the kitchen…The therapies were really helpful, all the things you wanted to do but never had time to look at the big picture! Finding time to re-motivate yourself is crucial and you can surely do that at Sandwell Farm!
    The facilities were great! Swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, re-bounder, cross trainer – whatever you fancy – you can also tet to have a walk to the enchanted woodlands, secret lake and meadows! I arrived a bit sluggish, tired and stressed. I left optimistic, healthier (lighter!), more ambitious than before and knowing myself a bit better. The overall experience was an amazing kick start. I needed to find a place just for myself to contemplate, to detox on every level possible and somewhere close to home! I got is all covered at Sandwell. I was made to feel like a friend, so it was like a home away from home which you don’t get with hotels! Belgin

    19 Jun 2014 at 11:35 am

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