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Shalom Retreats™ were developed in 1969 as a process for exploring the transformative power of loving community. Shalom Sacred Mountain Retreat Center was founded as a hope structure, calling people to live passionately and with compassion in the world.

The Shalom process is based on the principles of intentional loving. We are a place of empowerment, investing each person to trust the process of his or her own life. We honor all spiritual paths.

We believe in life as journey. Each person must claim his or her own power to be and to act. We seek no disciples and encourage
individuals to become dedicated disciples of their own life, to do the psychological and spiritual work necessary to live fully into the soul’s journey — the path that ultimately returns one to God.

Shalom Retreats

For more than 30 years, people from all walks of life have been coming to Shalom Mountain and experiencing transformation and healing in their journey of self-discovery. Many people are searching for a new direction in life or to deepen their spiritual journeys. People in partnered relationship come to find new paths in loving each other, with a desire to be fully alive in their relationships. Some come to heal old wounds that they have carried for too long and now want to lay down. Others arrive here because they need to grieve their losses and know joy once again.

Ultimately, Shalom Mountain offers a place to call home in your quest for the true self. This is what we call the Journey to God. Here we honor the One of Many Names—God, Higher Power, Allah, the Divine.

A Shalom Retreat™ is a place where you can know yourself as whole, complete and lovable—an embodied, emotional, spiritual being. We celebrate the body’s wisdom and its gifts. You can learn to unblock the stuck places and open your heart once again. The retreat takes place within a circle of people, supported by intentional loving, where you can experience a focused time for your own individual work.

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