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‘Looking for something other than a tourist vacation?

‘Want to do more than just sit on a beach, drink Mai Tais, take a few pictures, and go home with the same old thoughts and baggage?


Not just a place to stay while you see the island, Muaisa Hale Pule is an authorized  501(c)(3) Chapter of New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC), a shamanic nonprofit organization that supports natural modalities in health and healing. At our 1665 SF cedarwood lodge in Kealakekua, Hawaii, we offer a unique spiritual experience to anyone interested in personal growth and inner development. Staying with us in paradise opens the opportunity for high-minded visitors to de-stress, commune with nature, and re-awaken to a whole new sense of being and feeling more at home in the world.

People generally find their way here when they are at a crossroads, ready for something new, or looking to experience more authenticity in life. Some arrive spiritually hemorrhaging from fear, stress, and overwork, Although we cannot promise any specifics about your inner process here — each of us is different — we offer an opportunity for you to reevaluate, renew your energy levels, and revitalize your perspectives on life.


What makes our location most spectacular is that we are situated at 19.5 degrees North latitude on the planetary grid. This area, known to Hawaiian elders as “The Golden Triangle, ” is the geographic location at which the apex of a star tetrahedra contacts the earth’s surface when one of the apexes is positioned at the south pole.

The 19.5 parallel on the Big Island connects Mauna Loa, the worlds’ largest volcano/mountain when measured from the ocean’s floor, to Kealakekua Bay, the #1 marine life sanctuary in the state of Hawaii. Researchers have identified this position as a “signal in the noise” — a “‘message” left here by some intelligence, a planetary “stargate vortex.”

Pods of spinner and bottle-nose dolphins come here almost daily to rest, feed, and nurse their calves. Here, light codes enter the energetic matrix of the Earth and then “broadcast” prayers and/or intentions made here to the world.

This is a place of manifestation, a spot where things “come up.” The spoken word manifests quickly here, and you just may get what you’ve been asking for.


For off-island or out-of-town guests who wish to stay with us and live alongside our shaman and volunteers, we provide spiritually-focused lodging in  private rooms, which have been recently remodeled with their own separate deck and entrance to enhance access to the sights, sounds, and healing aromatherapy of the tropical surroundings.

“Makai Sunset,” our 193 SF guest room for singles and/or doubles has a double bed and wall-to-wall carpeting. It  enjoys an en suite bath with private shower, an elevation ocean sunset view, unlimited free WIFI, and an in-room mini-fridge, coffee-maker and microwave oven. For amenities above and beyond, everyone on property also has unlimited use of our outdoor group kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a standard size refrigerator and freezer, washer/dryer, gas range, propane-burning barbecue grill, and covered dining/picnic table.

To add to your enjoyment and pleasure, a 5-star bistro, a convenience store, hot tubs and licensed massage therapists are all only a 1/2 mile downhill. Cafes, restaurants, gear rentals, guided tours, several banks, two post offices, an awesome grocery store and fruit stand, and the Sunday farmer’s market are all within 1.5 miles in either direction.


Imagine waking up in the morning to the song of island birds in the trees and going to sleep at night to a chorus of coqui frogs. Just breathing in the moist, earthy, aromatherapy of the surrounding Hawaiian mountainside reduces stress and blood pressure and increases the activity of the immune system.

Studies show that as little as 2 hours of being out in nature each day reduces stress hormones up to 800% and activates 500-600 DNA segments responsible for healing and repairing the human system. Phytoncides (the essential oils that trees and plants produce to ward off decay) stimulate powerful anti-aging and natural cancer-fighting killer cells in the body. In that sense.

• This is to invite you to heal, rejuvenate, and take care of your deepest needs.
• Access inner secrets and discover your own harmony with all creation.
• There are no schedules here; your time is yours to do with as you wish.
• Stretch your body, and breath in the moist, earthy, aromatherapy of the surrounding Hawaii mountainside.
• Shower in our outdoor rainforest shower, or soak in a flower petal bath.
• Feast on an abundance of wild greens and organic seasonal fruits, freshly picked and waiting for you in the group kitchen.
• Get your hands into the nutrient-rich soil, and let Earth’s healing micro-organisms enhance your inner biology.
• Heal, rejuvenate and care for your deepest needs.
• Recharge in the hyper dimensional vortex energy at 19.5° latitude, a unique and sacred place that ancient Hawaiians knew as “The Pathway to the God.”
• Drive downhill, jump into the ocean and swim alongside dolphins, tropical fish and Hawaiian sea turtles.
• Take time for a Medicine Card reading, or accompany our knowledgeable shaman on a mystic tour or nature walk,
• Perform sacred ceremony at the Medicine Wheel in the middle of our “crop circle” or by the sea in an ancient Hawaiian settlement.
• Luxuriate in the warm, moist Hawaiian air, and in the fragrance of its many medicinal essential oils.
• Enjoy a communal meal with others in the group kitchen, or go out to eat local delicacies at a downtown restaurant.
• Head to the water’s edge after dark, and watch gigantic manta rays swim into the shallow water for plankton, which are attracted by coastal lights.
• Return to Muaisa Hale Pule and to a chorus of coqui frogs.
• Write in your journal that you are feeling more at peace, accepting of yourself, and more in touch with the earth.
• Fall asleep with a smile in your heart.


Situated just above the 111 mile marker on Highway 11 in Kealakekua, our property is centrally located for exploring the West side of the island. It is 11 miles from the tourist/commerce center of Kailua-Kona, 30 minutes from Kona International Airport, 85 miles from Volcanoes National PArk, and 15 minutes from the bay where Captain Cook first discovered Hawaii in 1778.

The “Hele-on Bus,” which can be flagged down just 0.4 miles from our location, operates a regular, daily schedule of intra-Kona bus routes and Monday through Saturday R/T service between Hilo and Kona. A covered bus stop with seating is just another 0.25 miles up the road.

The Hele-on Bus, however, does not service either of the island airports. Therefore, it is recommended that guests arrange for a taxi, Speedi Shuttle, or a rental vehicle for pick up upon their arrival into KOA or ITO. Phone numbers and recommendations are gladly provided upon request.


In an effort to conserve resources, create an environmentally friendly environment, and reflect the needs of today’s world, we do our best to put attention on respecting the `aina (land) and will, upon your arrival, invite you to join us in living responsibly in accord with the environment.

For the health and enjoyment of everyone on property, we ask that, throughout the duration of your stay, you refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and use of recreational drugs — both on- and off-premises — and that you bring your own “ear buds” if you wish to listen to music, speaker phones, DVDs or any other electronic sound while here.


Muaisa Hale Pule does not engage in commerce and charges no “fees” for any of its services. Rather, we rely solely on donations and volunteerism. All lodging, activities, ceremonies and healing sessions are available upon the advanced submission of a pre-approved free-will donation.  “Prices” reflected in our RetreatNetwork listings are minimum suggested donations only. Based on our costs, and on the number of people we serve, these amounts reflect the minimum dollar value we need to collect in order to break even.


“Thank you for inspiring me. It’s been a long, hard journey, and Truly you played a big hand in my transformation! I learned to go within and find my own Peace. I now know it’s ok to just be myself. I love all the people of the World and I accept our differences. There truly is nothing greater than love for all! What a beautiful Planet we live on. I’m so happy to be here, and making a difference in just one person’s life makes it worthwhile. You made a difference in mine, and I will always be grateful to you for that. Wishing all the best to you in your endeavors!” — C.H., Florida

“Muaisa Hale Pule has provided such a special environment for me to truly heal from the inside-out. The knowledgeable shaman and doctor here have guided me more deeply to knowing my own path. They provide a safe and open space to explore my own Truth. The environment bursts with abundance and love, which can be felt in the energy of the land and the blessings of the plants and fruit trees. I feel that my time here is offering me true mind, body, emotional, and spiritual healing. I have been on my own healing journey for many years, and staying here has solidified and deepened so much of that work. This is a very special place, divinely located and lovingly stewarded. My intention was to deepen in love and connection with myself, and more and more is revealed here every single day in helping me actualize my intention. This is a place of peace and healing for those who long to know their own Truth.” — A.L., New York



Due to a technical glitch in the RetreatNetwork relay system, we may not be able to read or reply to inquiries made via the “Send inquiry” buttons above and below.

To contact us directly, please telephone:
+1 (808) 323-3238

Heaven on Earth awaits you at Muaisa Hale Pule.

A hui hou! (Till we meet!)

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Private room with en suite bath and elevation ocean sunset view
Refresh, renew and revitalize in this comfortable private room with double bed, en suite bath and private shower,separate deck and entrance, and private circular driveway for parking. You will also have unlimited free WIFI, an in-room mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave oven, and an elevation, ocean sunset view. For amenities over and above those offered in-room, you also have unlimited access to our outdoor group kitchen replete with standard size fridge and freezer, gas range, washer/dryer, propane-burning barbecue grill and covered dining/picnic area. Purified spring water hot tubs, Hawaiian, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, kayaks rentals, a convenience store and a 5-star bistro are just a ½ mile walk down hill. Cafes, guided tours, 2 post offices, several banks, groceries, a McDonald’s and the Sunday farmer’s market are all within 1.5 miles in either direction. All accommodations are located in our private, upcountry, "comfortably rustic," cedarwood home filled with original artworks and no televisions. For the health and enjoyment of everyone on property, we ask that – throughout the duration of your stay with us -- you refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and use of recreational drugs both on- and off-premises, and that you bring your own "ear buds" if you wish to listen to music, speaker phones, DVDs or any other electronic sound while here.
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Full payment is required upfront.

Muaisa Hale Pule does not engage in commerce and collects no "fees" for any of its services. All dollar values reflected in our RetreatNetwork listings are minimal suggested donations. Based on our costs and on the number of people we serve, these amounts reflect the minimum we can collect and still meet our financial obligations. Like any tax-deductible contribution, donations to Muaisa Hale Pule are non-transferable and non-refundable. That said, each situation is treated individually with utmost compassion for the exchange involved. If there is compelling reason for someone’s canceling their arrangements and requesting a refund, we reserve the right to offer similar value in credit toward future events or offerings. Such cases will be contingent on proper documentation, where valid, and shall include: • Natural disaster • Serious illness • Death or serious illness in the family • Jury duty or other similar civil obligations