Shantigar Foundation for Theater, Meditation, and Healing

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Venue Description

Shantigar, located on a spectacularly beautiful old farm on a mountainside in Western Massachusetts near Vermont, is a not-for-profit educational foundation dedicated to the practice of theater, meditation and healing.
Shantigar offers workshops and hosts theater artists, meditation masters, and healers. Through the practice of theater, meditation, and healing, and through conservation of its natural pristine environment, Shantigar nurtures and inspires individuals to engage more profoundly with the world.

In a naturally beautiful place like Shantigar, it’s easy to imagine a clean energy future, to raise consciousness about how our actions affect the universe, how to make positive choices toward taking control of our planet, and how to live taking “the soft path,” engaging in a paradigm shift toward sustainable global energy.


To teach and inspire people to engage with the world from a more profound place within themselves, on an old farm in the Berkshire hills to offer personal retreats, open-to-everyone workshops blending art and meditation, and the opportunity to create theatre.


Believing that interacting with nature strengthens the body, deepens the spirit, and is essential to human growth, and that authentic artistic, healing, and spiritual practices are parallel and feed each other – Shantigar provides a “peaceful home” in nature where individuals come to learn from inspired teachers of art and meditation, be nurtured and rejuvenated, and return to the world with a renewed sense of commitment.


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