Sharing Bali – Simple Luxury in a Bali Village

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Fitness. Food. Friendship. Simple Living in a Bali Village. We call it Simple Luxury.

Set in a small village high in the hills outside Ubud Bali, our bungalows are beautifully restored antique timber joglos set amongst rice paddies; lotus ponds surround the dining table; we have a ‘bamboo gym’. We are part of local life.

We are the original creators of Bootcamp Bali Style. Started in Aug 2008, we now run up to 30 retreats a year. We love what we do.

Bootcamp. Barre. Pilates. Yoga. Jungle Treks. Cycling. Yoga. Meditation. Sunrise Volcano Climbs. Healthy food. Body Treatments. Writing.

Imagine this….

Eating like you give a damn about yourself; getting your zzz’s (there’s no medal for surviving on 4 hours here); meditating to clear your mind of chaos; working on your balance; putting the play back into daily life; getting creative with new ingredients; taking a digital detox; glow-giving body treatments; putting the pleasure back into reading and treating yo’self (sans guilt).

Our guests say it best…

‘Sharing Bali is a unique experience because you do live in a family environment/village lifestyle and it is so removed from the hustle and bustle of the major tourist towns of Kuta, Seminyak, Legion and Ubud.
I can highly recommend Sharing Bali for anyone who wants to up their fitness level, partake in simple luxury village/family life, and eat the most amazing cleansing and healthy foods on the planet.

‘Simple Luxury’ is what Karen aims for, and she has completely nailed it.
Karen and her staff are so friendly and welcoming, you’d be lucky to find a better team anywhere else.

If you want to get close to nature, love eating amazing food, don’t mind getting dirty going on treks and bike rides and want a different experience than what a hotel can offer, this is the place for you.
I’ll never forget those 6 days of pure happiness I spent at Sharing Bali and will definitely be back again.’

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