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Imagine what it will be like to live in a small coastal Mexican village reached only by boat! Yelapa is a magical community very different than other places in the world or even other places in Mexico. The local community owns all the land; they have not sold their village to individuals or developers. The Sky Temple works in partnership through interpersonal agreements made through family and relationship. This way of life is very different than the “ownership” model practiced in the U.S. and Canada and most the world.

The “Sky Temple Village Yoga Experience” is designed to impart a glimpse into living in the midst of this unique community while practicing in the extraordinary setting of the Sky Temple. The teachers bringing groups infuse their teaching with all their knowledge and the expansive broadening of understanding invited by the setting of the village. My intention is to create a feeling of unity with both nature and the native community. Groups coming to Yelapa have come to understand that this experience is about the walking, climbing, immersing in nature and the village, and doing yoga

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