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Outside Phoenix, Arizona in 1983 I entered the Sacred Sweat Lodge with my teacher, an Apache Medicine Man and the group of dedicated healers who were in my ministry instruction. A circle of hawks was riding the updrafts of the desert as we gathered around the fire pit. Three spirit circles of Medicine Men surrounded our circle as the Stone People heated. This was the beginning of a continuing relationship. I will always return to the Sacred Sweat Lodge. The experience gives me back myself more than any self-healing technique I have used.

I knew as a child that the Earth was my Mother. As I sat in church and listened to the lessons I realized that this was not the Great Spirit that I knew. The Great Spirit that I know does not discriminate with its children, only loves. And as I journey along my path I have felt the Earth Mother hold me in her arms. I feel secure knowing I am a part of the Sacred Circle, and as a part of this energy it is important to give back what I have received.

Welcome to Plant Earth. You have chosen to be here, upon this planet, at this time, with those who pass through your life. Come into the womb and reclaim your power; become one with rhythm. Flow with the waters, feel the support, feel the healing and feel the joy of the love of your Earth Mother. We are one family.

The ceremony is dedicated to the four directions; East-Beginnings, South-Abundance, West-Mysteries, and North-Wisdom. Each Human Being expresses from the heart their prayers, stories, songs and poems. There are many paths to the Great Spirit.

My lodge is open so that I may share the teaching. Share, so that others may take and give it away, continuing the Sacred Circle of all things. My ministry teaches that we are all students and teachers. As each Human Being speaks in the lodge they are telling our story. We are the reflection of each other. Come and see yourself as the veil is lifted within the darkness.

The ancient, mystical Sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony is the purification of the mind, body and spirit. Joseph Campbell stated, “The most effective way to connect with spirit is to participate in an ancient ceremony.” There is magic within. The lodge is the symbol of the womb of the Earth Mother. Approach Her with reverence; realign yourself with the rhythms of all Creation.

As you come from the Center, the world does not impact you with the intensity that it does when you are out of balance. Once in balance you attract others who are in balance. As we enter the new Millennium the intensity will continue. Take back your power. Be here and feel the Oneness. Be the example for the new ones coming in. Come set with the Grandmother. Listen to the Elders, they have walked the path.


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