Sri Jaganatha Meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Retreat

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This is a 15-day extensive reality in Vedic way of life, where you will be able to practice in the land where 33 millions gods made their home. Your days will be fascinating and memorable. Doing all puja, Homa, meditation, pranayama, and yoga in India will be a thousand times more meaningful then in any other places in the world.

During this retreat, you will learn Bhagavat Gita classes every day, which will include Veda, Purana, Upanishada and Ramayana, the original verses of Mahabharatha, chanting, and its spiritual meaning. You will also learn to understand the Indian Gods and Goddesses and their rituals in practice, including original mantra, chanting, and the meaning. You will have daily morning and evening yoga classes and you will learn the original meaning of yoga, goals in life, and the explanation of the original texts.

You will also have pranayama and meditation classes daily. It is more important than all kriya to study the subject with the original text. You will have Ayurveda classes three days in a week, and you will learn to understand Ayurveda with scriptural base with original herbs and plant. Not only that, you will also do some Indian traditional vegetarian cooking practice, which will include the preparation of healthy, tasty, and easy-to-make food, the true meaning of eating.

Lastly, in the end of the retreat, you will get an Indian traditional yoga certificate to motivate you to reach out with all of your power which might be for the good purpose and benefits for whole world as well.

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: Acharya Chandra Purusathama KrishnaPrema Radharani

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15 days extensive , Meditation, yoga, Gita........... Ongoing Program

From 45 USD/night

West Bengal, India

15 days extensive reality in Vedic way of life, practise in the land where 33 millions gods made their home, your days will be fascinating and memorable.