The 7 Chakras Experience Retreat

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Venue Description

This retreat offers the opportunity to work in a deep level with your main 7 energy centres. Each day a different chakra will be
activated so you will experience manifestations of physical
purification, energy circulation, release of trauma, fears and
mechanisms of defence. Therefore, you will go trough a week of pure healing, and the best of all, in a dynamic way. We will provide you with all the theoretical and empirical knowledge that you need, so that you can really integrate the energy work that you will be building during these days.
Emission is a collectiva of professionals working for the expansion of consciousness, our ways of teaching and leading retreats are
infusions of yoga, music, reiki, design, arts and all that has to do with the stimulation of the senses. We believe that by making you go trough a creative process you will come closer to who you really are, to your divine being…so join us, experience it!

Contact Information

: Alessandra Frigerio, Harry Metatron

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