The Aranya Centre for Ayurvedic Learning and Healing

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The Aranya Center is like a ‘modern ashram’ where you can immerse yourself in healthy living and emerge rejuvenated. We are dedicated to the ideals of nurturing life and learning to heal oneself and others, because we believe the power of healing is within you. Rooted in the Hindu tradition of Unity and mutual interdependence, the sages of India discovered remedies through observation over five millenia at least which very much invoved the nature that surrounds us. Aranya or sacred forest is fortunate to be in the wonderful surroudnings of a millenial old forest where the dense vegetation provides a wonderful setting for our treatments and your practise.

At the Aranya Center our permanent Panchakarma center welcomes you for residential stays for Panchakarma treatments which can go from 5 days to well over a month. You can follow this up with in depth treatment options if required. We also conduct 4 day and 10 day workshops and residential retreats aimed at learning to live a healthy life based on Ayurvedic priciples, with details and dates on this site.

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: Varun Sood

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Panchakarma (Detoxification) Retreats – Classic (14 days) Ongoing Program
Pachnakarma Classic Retreat for 14 nights at our wonderful Aranya Centre in Goa, India
Panchakarma (Detoxification) Retreats – Short (10 days) Ongoing Program
Panchakarma is a holistic series of treatments that cleanse the body’s deep tissues of toxins. We have 7-21 day retreats available at our wonderful retreat.
Ayurvedic Love your Liver Detoxification Retreat (8 nights) Ongoing Program
Chronic tiredness and lack of energy are the first signs that this vital organ is under stress. This 8 night Ayurvedic retreat at wonderful Aranya Centre