The Forest Refuge

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Venue Description

IMS’s Forest Refuge has continuously hosted experienced meditators since 2003. Its program is specifically designed to encourage sustained, longer-term retreat practice – a key component in the transmission of Buddhism from Asia to the West.

Within a harmonious and secluded environment, meditators can nurture the highest aspiration for liberation. In consultation with visiting insight meditation teachers, a program of training in one or more Theravada Buddhist practices is created for each participant, allowing the continuing unfolding of deeper levels of wisdom and compassion. A personal retreat here strengthens practice faith, confidence and self-reliance.

Careful consideration was given to the design and construction of the center. A beautiful meditation hall is nestled in the woods with several walking meditation rooms close by. There is single-room accommodation for up to thirty retreatants in a dormitory adjacent to the meditation hall.

Each bedroom allows for both sitting and walking meditation for those who wish to practice in a more secluded way. The meditation hall, walking rooms, dining hall and dormitory are all linked by interior walkways.

External walkways lead to the Administration building and Counsel House. Interviews with teachers take place in the Counsel House – the building also contains a small library of Buddhist books and recordings of dharma talks, as well as a room for yoga or other forms of gentle mindful movement.

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