The Glen Ivy Center

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Venue Description

Glen Ivy is a Spiritual Center located in the Southern California community of Corona, surrounded by the beauty of the Cold Water Canyon and the Santa Ana Mountain Range.  The word, “glen” is an English word for canyon and, at one time, vines of wild grape ivy grew at the mouth of the canyon here.  For countless generations, this land has provided a special, sacred atmosphere.

Today, Glen Ivy Center is home for programs for renewal, learning and transformation. People from around the world come to be nourished and re-inspired. They find the learning they need for the next step on their journey. For many, there is an opportunity to heal in body, mind and spirit.

This natural sanctuary – with its natural hot springs and mineral waters, bountiful trees, and open skies – offers all who visit a place of serenity, reflection, and renewal.  Throughout its history, individuals and groups have come to Glen Ivy not only to enjoy the land and water, but also to see their lives transformed.  At Glen Ivy, you can have a time of stillness, a time for deep contemplation, and the opportunity for profound personal change.

Glen Ivy is a special, sacred place.  Many people return year after year to renew their body, mind and soul.  The creek runs throughout the property and is a natural setting to connect to nature.  The “Loop” is a hiking trail if you’re ready to climb to get a panoramic view the canyon.  You can also walk quietly through the Sacred Oaks and hear the ancient wisdom whispering through the leaves. Or you can take a short walk to the Hot Springs and soak in the mineral baths.  At night, the open sky is filled with stars strung together like diamonds against black velvet.

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