Three Trees Retreat

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Venue Description

The Three Trees Retreat, a secluded vale in an oak and eucalyptus grove just east of Watsonville, CA, is a point of embarkation, the beginning of a remarkable journey. Three Trees is a portal connecting people to sacred healing energies for personal transformation As spiritual mediums, Sequoia and Jack Cheney invite clients to heal dis-ease on all levels and birth the magnificence within, to expand awareness and manifest true abundance. They offer healing services for both individuals and groups, using the power of light, vibration and sacred intent to promote balance, harmony and well-being. Since 1999 Sequoia and Jack have worked with hundreds of people presenting a wide spectrum of challenges, with profound results. Three Trees is sacred land and is a Native American Ceremony site for community sweat lodges, prayer circles and vision quests. The participants’ spiritual intent enhances Earth Mother’s power to reach and heal her people.

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